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Leetway will become a platform for pugs, scrims, and ladder matches used to provide free scrim servers from various different providers. It has not been doing that for almost a year, but now it is being reformed and re-released as something completely different. Leetway recently published a "beta signup" page on the main website and today there appear to be 5079 people signed up already.

The official Leetway statement on what it will become is a little vague, so we took it upon ourselves to figure out what was really going on. Leetway will no longer be a free server resource. It will become a complete "match-making platform" where gamers will be able to play pugs, scrims, and ranked ladder matches.

"Leetway is a Counter-Strike: Global Offensive match-making platform for Pugs, Scrims, and Ranked Ladder Matches. Gamers play with their teams or with random players in ranked games hosted on official servers ..." - Leetway Beta Website

An anonymous source was brave enough to leak some screenshots of the beta website to us. Feast your eyes on the material that we were able to round up...

Leaked Screenshot of Leetway Beta Website


Anger is hung like a horse!

Todd "Anger" Williams

Anger was caught taking pictures of him with his hand on his dick. Apparently he was "sexting pics to his e-bitches." This is proof to all the "open kids" that even the invite players are silly cuntaloons.

If there was a "biggest dick" competition for the invite division, this would be Anger's contestant submission.

You can only imagine what was going through Anger's head when he snapped this "oh so badass" picture of himself. His facial expression radiates superiority, determination, and purpose.

Team Dynamic is lucky to have such a boss within their ranks.

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Artur Minacov is persistent with his online career

Those of you who don't already know, Artur Minacov has been around the gaming community for quite a few years. He has been trying to run game server companies for who knows how long. All of his attempts at building a GSP business have seemed to fail and cause people to get shafted in the process. You can read more about his past dealings in a previous NerdBuster post.

Artur Minacov

Since Artur's EnvisionHost business failed and was shut down, he moved on to develop Deposit Servers. Deposit Servers has also collapsed recently and the website has been removed; however, you can still search the internet for various references to Deposit Servers. Artur has been leaving a very distinct trail of himself on the internet over the past few years.

After Deposit Servers, Artur tried to change his strategy and instead of building yet another company, he joined FragNet and "worked" for them. That lasted a whole three days according to some sources. That escapade probably won't make it on to his LinkedIn profile for future reference.

Today Artur is yet again hard at work building a new GSP company called GSP Resell. Considering this champion's track record, it may be wise to stay away from businesses associated with him. There are enough people that have been shafted for their money when Artur's businesses shut down... in fact, there may be enough people to form some type of support group.

This is a friendly warning and update to the community. Stay cautious nerds!

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Free 5-slot Mumble servers from

NationVoice has finally entered the Mumble market. They are stirring up the Mumble scene by offering free lifetime Mumble servers. Check out the official press release. announces its grand opening. myMumble, a subsidiary of voice communications industry leader NationVoice Communications, is the new and upcoming provider of Mumble voice servers.

Mumble is a voice chat software that enables groups of users to talk to one another similar to programs like Skype, Ventrilo, and TeamSpeak. Mumble was designed to run on any operating system and be a low latency voice communication solution particularly for online gamers, but can be used by anyone to chat in real-time over the Internet.

myMumble offers locations around the world including: San Jose, Seattle, Salt Lake City, Chicago, Washington D.C., London, Paris, Frankfurt, Singapore, and Tokyo.

In addition, myMumble services come standard with features gamers have come to expect in a VoIP provider including instant account activation, a Mumble server status tool, custom server host names and around the clock live customer support.

Check all this out at, where you can order one of their Mumble servers or sign up for an industry first Free 5 User Lifetime Account with no payment required, ever.

About NationVoice LLC:
Founded in 2003, NationVoice has been a worldwide leader in voice communication services for almost a decade. Gamers of all types have come to trust the highly skilled and knowledgeable staff at NationVoice when it comes to gaining a competitive edge over the rest. Go to to learn more.

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Casey Foster texting his mom…

Casey Foster texting his mom before going to the beach...


Nerd Buster is back online.

The website was down for a couple weeks. The operator accidentally wiped the files and database off the server when restoring some settings. We were too lazy to get it back up, despite the fact that it took 10 minutes now that we did it.

Got dirt to send to us? Expose some photos or screenshots! Leak some sensitive information!

You can submit some drama to us via email: [email protected]

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Blackfoger has been caught in dirty dealings, again.

The following "paper" is written by Simon (co-owner of V8 eSports) and published on NerdBuster without anonymity. It is an account of his relationship with Blight's founder, James "Blackfoger" Larsen and their recent merger endeavor.

Firsthand Account:

James Larsen

About a month ago, my partner talked to me about the opportunity to be absorbed by Blight Gaming. I was running V8 eSports with him and we had a top League of Legends team that went to Intel Extreme Masters in New York and IGN Pro League in Atlantic City, New Jersey. They were a new team and got knocked out but still made $2000 in prize money, just for showing. Anyways, back to the story about Blight. Knowing James "Blackfogger" Larsen's past history in the eSports community I informed my partner that this would turn out to be a very bad deal for us, but that if he really wanted to, we could try and see if it works out. The deal was that we would let blight use our website, and fogger would pay me an amount of money that I would then put into getting some more coding done for the website. Also fogger had to pay for name changes for the LoL team. (We also were told that Steel Series and Thermaltake were sponsoring Blight, which we later found out he actually had no sponsors, which I had figured the entire time.) Fogger agreed, and we started the merge. I told fogger that I needed the money the coming week, and that the money wasn't for me to just make money off him, it was for trust, and in turn I would spend that money right back into the organization. Well that weekend that I had expected my money, I never got it, fogger gave me an excuse saying he had just paid $500 for some sc2 players hotel room. He never gave me a name of which player , or any info about this "sc2 player." Me and my partner continued to ask when we would get the money, and fogger kept saying soon, soon. The next week roles by and I'm thinking I'm for sure getting the money, but I didn't.

Finally, the week after that I received the money that was promised. This was after I told fogger that we were ending the partnership and we were taking everything that we had website, partnership with own3d, enuzi clothing, and our LoL team. I was upset and so was my partner and we told him that he was bullshit and that he just lies and he would keep changing his stories and switching things up that he had just said earlier. For instance, we were supposed to be getting contracts, well he said he had a "lawyer" working on contracts, and we told him why would you get a lawyer to write contracts when the amount of money you owe us is way way less than what a lawyer charges. I told him that it just doesn't make sense. So we basically told him we were out. Me and my partner had a change of heart and decided, give him one last shot a ultimatum. I told him I wanted my money in 2 hours otherwise we were gone. I went to bed and woke up and had received the money. It did come past the 2 hours, but he paid so I figured ok we're fine now. Well it turns out that it wasn't fine at all. A day later I get a messages from foggers partner zack, telling me the truth about Blight Gaming. That it was just a scam and that fogger just tried getting admins to join the org in order to put money into it. Later, Me and my partner asked fogger what happened to zack, and foggers response was, "he's taking a break for a while," which was complete bullshit, because I knew what happened to him, I had just talked to him. Every single story he told us, we found holes to, and when we brought them up, he tried changing the subject, or making it seem like we were just looking for holes and that it was our fault. We asked him about the other stuff that was promised like headsets for the LoL team, and our contracts. He told us that the headsets should be sent soon, when a day before he said they were sent. Then he finally sent the contracts, and after looking at it, me and my partner just lol'ed because there were straight taken from Google and he didn't even bother to make them look semi legit, the date was wrong. We said that he was lieing and that he never got a lawyer to do them, because it was ripped off Google. He tried changing stories and shit but we knew.

Also once he sent those contracts I saw that he had mentioned a LLC. The name of that LLC was Hilda James LLC. So I figured seeing as business info is public domain, I would do a search in the State of Washington's Database. I searched Hilda James LLC and there was 1 result in the system. The business was registered to the address fogger lived at, except the business was in his parents' names Rich and Sue Larsen. I search Blight LLC and Blight Gaming LLC and nothing showed up. So then I knew he was trying to say his business was registered when really all he had was a website and trying to say that it was a company under a company. He said that the business was Blight LLC, but that's not even a registered business in the State of Washington. So then I knew that he is just some loser that still lives with his parents at the age of 23. When I brought this up he said the company was made in his dads name because he was not of age. I said and the name you decided to come up with was Hilda James? I know that, the address of his parents house is also his, because I was given access to his Go daddy account so I could fix the website, and I saw the address he had there, it was the same one. Some other fishy shit he told us when we first met was that he was 23 and retired, I asked him from what and he said ecommerce. Which pretty much means that saying he's retired is a way to not have to say what he really is, which is either on welfare, disability, or both. Or if he's really a loser, he just lives with his parents and mooches off them. We asked him if he was on welfare or disability, he said I could be on disability, we were like wtf? He said yeah I have crohns disease and liver disease, idk but last time I checked those two arnt reasons to collect disability, so I believe he's just scamming the system. This is the short story, there was so much other bullshit, I have almost everything saved in convo's their actually quite hysterical, if anyone wants to read them, I'll probably make them public somewhere. Anyway, V8 eSports is completely separated from that idiot fogger and his illegitimate organization. He was worried about us slandering his name, I told him he already did that to himself. Everyone reading this probably already knows how bullshit he is, this should just solidify the fact that fogger is a cancer to eSports. Thankfully, all we wasted was our time, which sucks, but life goes on. And if fogger ever wants to partner/sponsor your team, seriously just tell him to go fuck himself.

As of November 25th, 2011, Fogger refunded the money that was sent as part of the agreement. The reason for the refund as stated from PayPal "PayPal received a notification from a user regarding unauthorized access to his PayPal account. As a result, one of the payments credited to your PayPal account has been placed in a temporary hold while we investigate the claim." So in other words he made it look like that money was wrongly sent to me, when in reality I have text messages coming from fogger's cell number saying the money was sent 3 minutes after the PayPal transaction took place. I tried explaining my evidence to PayPal but they claimed that text messages cannot be sent as evidence, and since it was payment owed and nothing was actually shipped, they sided with fogger. Ever since we left he has been blasting tweets to numerous organizations trying to talk to them about partnerships, because in reality, as of now he has nothing. He has no website and no teams, so he is desperate. The only reason for this long ass paper is to warn other people of falling in this losers trap.

Further proof of the problems that James has.

Anyways here is the link to the company, under his parents name. And this is not a infringement on anyone's rights, that information is made public for this specific reason, to see if a company is legit or not.


Cyber Revolution cut 4shot

Rumors have been swirling around lately since Cyber Revolution cut 4shot for Flashstep. On the ESEA forums, people have been hinting that the player switch was either because Lloyd thought that 4shot was not holding his weight (pun intended) or because he was a fat kid that didn't listen.

The real reason that Shaffer cut 4shot was because 4shot called Shaffer out for being a wash up and a terrible player after weeks of arguing amongst the team and their league record reflects it. The team stands with a 3/3 record. 4shot had enough of Lloyd talking down to the team and himself. Right after their match against 3dmax, things deteriorated fast and hours upon hours of screaming and bullshit ensued.

This isn't the first time that 4shot was cut. On the way back from DSrack #3, Blight.EVERKI was at an all time moral low. As the team was boarding the flight, lan giraffe told 4shot that he was a "fat fuck and was cut, pz lata kid". Shortly after that the team disbanded.


Envision-Host shut down… again!

Below is a letter that Nerd Buster received from an Anonymous source.

Artur Minacov, the owner of has closed down his company with an obvious lie, stating he is "tired of everything hosting related." He doesn't have what it takes to run a successful game server company and he is quite easily the biggest scam artist on the game server market.

He stated in his business closure letter that he is "tired of everything hosting related", when he is doing this to make another company called, Deposit Servers. He does a poor job at hiding his upcoming projects. You can view the STEAM group page at

At the time of writing, even his STEAM avatar is a graphic for his upcoming project. He is going from one scam to the next. Here is a small rundown on his previous hosting endeavors:

  • Envision-Host 2010-2011
  • Optimum-Gaming 2011-2011
  • Fatality Servers 2011-2011
  • Envision-Host 2011-present
  • Deposit Servers (upcoming?)

He started Envision Host, then went to another host, they had management issues so he went to another name and yet again had money hungry thieves inside his management and he went back to Envision-Host with absolutely no idea how to run a game server company.

In the past, he has criticized End of Reality's game servers for their bad quality and terrible support. He has actually had attacks against his company (by whom is unknown) for this defamation of End of Reality. He's not a bright individual and I hope everybody stays away from this scammer unless you want to lose money.

Thank you for reading,

Since the writing of this letter, Envision-Host has revised their business closure letter to be less personal and to leave the door open for a possible return in the future. Perhaps as Deposit Servers? See the business closure letter quoted below.

To all our users, partners and staff,

It is with regret we must inform you that Envision Hosting is going out of business for an undetermined time due to increased competition from other hosting providers, meaning we could no longer be able to remain competitive on price, yet remain a viable business at the same time. However, we do intend to honor all of the existing orders which have been placed over the past month. Game Servers & Web Hosting will remain active until December 11th, 2011, with no possibility of a refund, as specified in the Terms & Conditions accepted when purchasing. If you are subscribed via PayPal, it is your responsibility to make sure to cancel your subscription, to avoid future charges.

On behalf of Envision Hosting, we would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your continued loyalty in choosing us as your preferred hosting provider for the past two years. Without your support, our success would not have been possible but under the current global business climate, we have been left with no option but to close down after December 11th, 2011.

Special thanks to and for their suggestions and helpful feedback.

Please note that starting on November 18th, our support will be closed.

Thank you once again for the loyal and continuous support you have shown us over these years.

Envision Hosting

Nerd Buster advises prospective game server customers to do some shopping research and choose a hosting provider with a proven track record. Be smart buyers people.

Have you been tricked out of your money by any of the mentioned companies?

  • No (60%, 28 Votes)
  • Yes (40%, 19 Votes)

Total Voters: 47

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Someone is mad; Has ESEA been bad?

We received a message from an anonymous source that contained a link to a declaration of intentions. The hacker(s) are upset about the corruption of ESEA admins and threaten to take action in order to rid ESEA of its cancer.

Update [Nov. 22]: We received yet another link to a video message.

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Jimmy “nikoN” Pike DDoS Request

Jimmy Pike also known as nikoN on the ESEA and CSS Professional community recently asked Chris "mika*" Prescott for a favor. Jimmy approached mika through steam with a malicious request and asked him if he could have his Pakistani teammate shahzam ddos'd. The reason behind this cyber hit request that was put out by nikoN is "so that he cant play any of the matches and we can cut him off our team". Is there some sort of beef going on in JCP between the players? What do the other teammates have to say about this? Does ESEA not care for this? We thought that ESEA had cleaned house of malicious users, but It's apparent and obvious that they have not done so. What did we learn here? You're an Invite player like Jimmy "nikoN" Pike you have immunity from being banned or suspended from ESEA.

P.S nikoN was told to fuck off by mika as ESEA lets mika play under a different name on ESEA.


ECO Anti-Cheat Leaked (v1.2 Alpha)

The ECO Anti-Cheat source code has once again leaked. ECO shut down a while back because they couldn't keep their act together. Now they have been working behind the scenes to try and relaunch the league. This leak surely comes as a set back for the organization.

The code behind this ground breaking subpar Anti-Cheat client is ridiculous... just like with the last one before the league failed the first time.

The leaked source code is available on pastebin:


Leaked ForbiddeN video! The clips that cost the team their invite spot

That's right ladies and gentlemen, the wonderful and loyal Nerd Buster audience does it again. An anonymous source has leaked the original, high quality material that was posted briefly on Youtube by ForbiddeN. This is the material that got the team demoted from ESEA Invite to just a scrim team. We are publishing this video for learning and informational purposes, so that nobody else has to suffer the fate of ForbiddeN.

It is sad that what was seemingly a good time, ended up causing so much grief. Why did only ForbiddeN get kicked out of Invite? Who knows...

Read more in our previous article, "ForbiddeN banned from ESEA for making a Youtube video; entire team kicked out of invite"


ForbiddeN banned from ESEA for making a Youtube video; entire team kicked out of invite

GeT BooZeD Up!

The entire ForbiddeN team was banned for 150 days by lpkane after the recent ESEA LAN for posting a Youtube video. That's right, apparently ESEA bans players for activities outside of their own realm. One ESEA premium member got handed a ban for the incident and he did not even play at the LAN event.

So what was in the video that caused all the fuzz?

The video featured an underage kid consuming liquor at a hotel near the ESEA LAN.

The sorry sob who made the video and published it on Youtube was sleeping when his team mates were trying to wake him up and have him take it off the internet, but his phone was on silent and he didn't wake up. ESEA admins saw the video and banned the entire team. The video has since been removed. Not only did the team get banned, they got demoted from Invite to just a scrim team and now they can't play this season. The kid made an apology video on Youtube, but it didn't help and he took that down as well.

Granted ESEA is just showing that they do not condone underage drinking by banning the players for posting the Youtube video, but it sure seems like an excuse to extend authority and stroke that e-peenor. This is very similar to the case where the owner of Nerd Buster was banned for five years from ESEA just for owning a website that published articles that criticized ESEA's conduct.

Anyone gonna call the police and sue somebody for giving alcohol to minors?


Team Dynamic was dethroned by Fully Torqued

Fully Torqued

Team Dynamic had won 1st place at the ESEA LAN for five consecutive seasons, but this time they were sent home with silver. Fully Torqued brought on the heat and snatched the championship title. You know that some jaws dropped within Dynamic's ranks as they lost bragging rights to Fully Torqued.

"ryan and frozt have taken down dynamic twice on lan now. this time they cant blame volcano for the loss (as if having one of the BEST riflers in the world on your team is a valid excuse in the first place). raped!" - CHewbacca1

The final LAN standings and prizes:

  1. Fully Torqued ($6,500)
  2. Team Dynamic ($3,100)
  3. Check-Six ($1,400)
  4. ForbiddeN ($1,000)