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Zooming in on k3u; he is suspected of being the man behind the DDoS attacks

Who is this k3u guy?

k3u has been confirmed to have claimed all responsibility for the recent DDoS attacks. An anonymous source has also submitted material and links that shine some more light on who this guy might be. Nerd Buster has not been able to establish contact with k3u directly to get an official statement.

Earlier we posted some information about k3u, read up on it in our article titled "ESEA servers crash, matches are ruined, and not even the ESEA website is spared!"

The new information that we have received proves the following.

  • k3u is signed up on ESEA as Michael Hung
  • k3u is using his confirmed (and VAC banned) Steam ID for his ESEA account
  • k3u writes his ESEA handle "ShN" with the same capitalization that he does for his old alias "SkN" as displayed on his proof

The following ESEA accounts are also suspected of being connected to him in one way or another.

These may be his alternate accounts and/or accounts of his associates. We have reason to believe that k3u is not working alone on the DDoS attacks.


ESEA Predictions Week 5

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"I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it."


ESEA servers crash, matches are ruined, and not even the ESEA website is spared!

The DDoS attacks that have plagued CS: Source over the last two weeks have now expanded in to CS 1.6 as well. People are upset with ESEA and it may not be long until players start demanding their money back. Today all of the ESEA servers crashed around 8:30 PM, ruining tonight's matches. The ESEA forums are flooded with complaints. The ESEA website has not been spared from attacks either. Tonight there have been several different XSS attacks that have disabled several different pages and some that have caused the HTML code to be printed out as text.

NerdBuster suspects that despite Mika having abandoned his TMER organization, the members have continued their mission to undo ESEA. These guys clearly hate ESEA with a passion. They are committing some very serious crimes with these acts of online terrorism. The suspected leader of this mysterious group calls himself k3u.

What do we "know" about k3u?

  • He is suspected of residing in Europe (anonymous source)
  • He mainly plays Garry's Mod (anonymous source)
  • His Steam ID is STEAM_0:0:3228595
  • He is VAC banned
  • He has played CEVO-Main and XPL-Open
  • His assumed name is "Shun Cheng" (probably not legit)

The real question is, what has ESEA done to him that has motivated him to ruin North American competitive gaming?

For those of you that have not been paying attention to the recent events, there are two theories regarding the start of these DDoS attacks.

  1. Shahzam raged Mika with his rant ("NerdBuster article and forum comments about Mika fuel a powerful response from an upset reader!") to the point that Mika flipped and vowed to destroy all of competitive gaming by packeting the players and servers to the point where people just stop playing.
  2. The attacks were started by someone random (we suspect k3u) and Mika was actually telling the truth in the letter he sent NerdBuster, "Mika at odds with TMER’s leadership; disbanding TMER"

Which ever the case may be, the people behind these attacks and there are some serious nerds trying to conquer the virtual worlds by bringing down the kingdom of North American competitive gaming (ESEA). At this point, it is safe to say that shit is indeed hitting the fan.

ESEA is not doing a very good job at damage control. There have been no announcements regarding the situation that seems to be escalating. Players are getting upset for being kept in the dark and if this continues, the raged mob will be so big that no amount of admins will be able to nuke all the forum threads. This simply has to be bad for business. Here is some food for thought, how about that Battle Empire then?

Esea has made the following comment on the DDoS situation.

Since so many people have been outspoken about being "kept in the dark" regarding the recent attacks on ESEA servers and website, I figured I'd give you all a little insight.

We know what's happening, when it happens.
We're looking into ways to resolve all recent problems.
We're attempting to resolve the larger problem in ways we see fit.

In short, we can't really tell you what we're doing, that would be counter-productive, but rest assured we're working hard to fix the problem.


Mika at odds with TMER’s leadership; disbanding TMER

Mika explains his position on things and shines light on what was really going on behind the scenes. He shares his reasons for doing what he did, calls out some people, announces his retirement, and claims that he wasn't the one DDoS'ing people... supposedly it was someone that calls himself k3u.

Continue reading below for the letter Mika sent to Nerd Buster as his "official statement".


Ex-member of Cyber Revolution is caught leaking IP addresses!

Jon "hauNt" Wilson shows no love for his old teammate, ezpk, who currently plays for Cyber Revolution in ESEA-Invite. Jon was caught leaking ezpk's IP address to Mika in order to have it DDoS'ed while ezpk was in an ESEA pug. Jon did say he only leaked it because it was "only a pug" but that doesn't justify shit... People like Jon are the reason that the competitive gaming community is in complete chaos right now. Saying that "it's only a pug" is like saying you aren't gay and only suck cock for coke. I don't know what the rest of you think but if you put a dick in your mouth, that makes you pretty gay... I don't care why you do it. Shame on you Jon!

no love...


Mika explains why Warmach1ne called him a fake and a bad sponsor

It turns out that Warmach1ne is just too broke to buy himself a computer on his own...

Hey Laurent [Warmach1ne],
This is a video I made few mins ago for you. This is the laptop you asked me to buy for you. I did, in the process of it being shipped to me all the ESEA drama bullshit happened. Then I decided to retire from ESEA and Source. Later that day you talked shit about me on a forum thread, saying I am a fake and a manipulator. I am for sure a god damn manipulator, but keeping my promises was something I had perfected. You were on my teams since I started sponsoring teams back in June 2007. It's sad to see that you are indeed a nigger. Colo was right.

Thank You.

To narrate it; Warmach1ne was being paid a salary. Then he told me to not pay smashers but only him. He wanted a laptop for school and gaming.


ESEA is working on the DDoS situation!

"We aren't discussing the matter but we are obviously working on the matter." - Torbul

We can only speculate what this means.

  • Is ESEA working up a legal case against Mika?
  • Are they trying to setup server-side DDoS protection?
  • Are they working on making matches private and unannounced?


Protected: ESEA-SCREAM is suspected of fraternizing with the enemy

This post is password protected. To view it please enter your password below:


DDoS attacks spread beyond ESEA-Invite


Tonight, DDoS attacks happened as far down the ladder as ESEA-Open. Nothing 2 Prove was not happy about what went down with their open match against their 6-0 rival.

Other matches that got attacked tonight were the following.

Mika's TMER group has once again claimed responsibility for tonight's attacks.

The community is getting really upset with the current situation and they are getting frustrated with ESEA. See some of the comments that users have been making on the forums.

"ESEA league is showing 0 response to this, knowing every match has had issues in the past month. Just shows you the support in ESEA i just below par. One of these days we will get admins, and maybe even admins who care." - shaffeR

"the silence from esea management is not going unnoticed amongst players, especially at the invite level. all i can say is most businesses wouldn't survive long without keeping their users informed of a plan of action during service disruptions." - TN-

"i agree they are acting shady, and with battle empire coming out soon i don't know whats goin to happen tbh..." - guru

"this could have been an inside job" - lvl10wizard

"I mean it's 6.95 a month if you only paid the premium its like pretty much 3 months plus if u make playoffs it would go into the 4th month......... Thats roughly 28 bucks plus the 20 i think it is to register thats damn near 50 dollars for broken service. If they don't fix soon you should be able to ask and get your money back." - b0ssHOG

"YEA yup lately u get no help what so ever from the admins" - PeG

What is ESEA's next move? The community is waiting...


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Steelseries is celebrating their 10th year in business, so they are hosting a massive raffle giveaway. You get to choose the prizes that you want to win!

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This is pretty much a rip off from the giveaway that Razer had a few months ago, but it is still pretty legit.

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EG.n0thing models as an army man!



Jordan "n0thing" Gilbert, 20, lives in San Diego and in addition to being a professional Counter-Strike 1.6 player, he is also a model. He plays for Evil Geniuses. He was recently banned from ESEA. For more details, check out the Nerd Buster post titled, "EG.n0thing banned from ESEA"

Check out some of his latest work on the right.

Some people in the community are claiming that the guy looks gay. What do you think?

Does n0thing look gay?

View Results

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COLO and Flashstep posed shirtless on webcam – More invite matches ruined…

Check-Six and Blight-WEST
This match did not see the second half. At the end of first half, trerobinson1 was the only member of Blight that was still in the server. He had a ping of 500 ms. TMER has claimed responsibility for ruining this match. According to a message sent by TMER, the match was attacked by 5 different members of the group.

  • k3u: packeted the game server & players
  • 4 other members packeted Blight players

Three players completely lost connection during the match in the following order.

  1. ezpk
  2. trerobinson1
  3. aLive

It is rumored that not a single Check-Six player was packeted because COLO and Flashtep posed shirtless on webcam for Mika's viewing pleasure.

x6 didn't get packeted... odd!

We might see Miller's dick soon!

billnose fraternizes with Mika

iDemise vs Team Dynamic (9-6)
Dynamic's player TN was packeted to the point where he could no longer hear footsteps, nades, gun shots, etc. He ended up dropping from Mumble as well as the game server. The game server was also being packeted. The match was not played out and the teams are trying to get it rescheduled. An ESEA admin has told them to submit a support ticket.

"Angerr is suspected of leaking Dynamic’s IP addresses to the DDoS’ers"

Mika Gaming vs Fighting Irish (16-11)
TMER sent the following message to NerdBuster.

Tmer decided to spare this match because TMER has great respect for 2 of firish players. Cz1 and Hairee...they asked and pleaded TMER 's founder and president mika to please allow them to play the match without any ddosing etc. TMER was going to hit mika gaming but decided last minute to let em be. And focused on Dynamic vs ID instead

Supposedly TMER has no problem getting IP addresses even though the invite players are changing them.

no hope...


Angerr is suspected of leaking Dynamic’s IP addresses to the DDoS’ers

Team Dynamic

Team Dynamic is one of the teams that has been tormented by the recent DDoS attacks. Team Dynamic's very own Todd "angerr" Williams is suspected of having leaked IP addresses of his team mates. According to an anonymous source, ESEA is currently conducting an investigation on angerr. Angerr's situation may turn very ugly, very fast. Last time NerdBuster checked who angerr had on his friends list, mika* was indeed on there.

This raises the question, is one or more invite players an inside man for Mika's TMER group? and WHY?


Yet another round of ruined invite matches… and Mika is stretching his e-peenor with 100 dolla bills!

Fighting Irish vs Dynamic (16-12)
This match was supposedly attacked by a new recruit of TMER. The guy calls himself k3u. The match was played out despite the attack, but some of the players definitely raged and the morale was not very high. The community is practically laughing at Dynamic and saying that this match was proof of the fact that Dynamic is not unbeatable. Tough beans...

The Zilla vs Cyber Revolution (16-14)
Mika and the recently banned maniac have claimed responsibility for ruining this match. Maniac was the guy that got banned as a result of a NerdBuster BUST of him having multiple accounts, but he was banned for five years because ESEA thought that he was originally affiliated with Mika. Now he has joined forces with him. They packeted nearcry, steel, and fr0zt to the point where they reached pings around 1000 ms! Frozt was lagging so bad that he just ended up running circles in T spawn. Steel lost connection completely and came back 15 minutes later when his internet recovered. Despite the fact that frozt and steel completely lagged out, Cyber Revolution was able to rack up 14 rounds playing 3 versus 5. Zilla, what happened? ROFL.

Blight-WEST vs Cyber Revolution (16-0)
Cyber Revolution straight up forfeited this match because steel complained that his team was just being DDoS'ed and there would be no point in playing.

In other news...
Mika has been stretching his e-peenor again. Not only is he connected to the DDoS attacks of tonight's matches, he was also caught in a pissing contest with Matto. The two were in an argument about which one of them had more cash, so they took pictures... check em out!

Matto's savings were LOL-material...

Mika busted out a stack of hundreds!

An anonymous source has also submitted a picture that proves that an associate of Mika has already bought a new computer and is planning to ban evade ESEA.

All this for pixel wars!

Shit is getting real, really fast. The length to which these nerds are willing to go is jaw dropping!

UPDATE: t0st0 was banned from ESEA for having his name on the new computer screenshot. Mika's cousin papa has also just been banned.