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ESEA servers crash, matches are ruined, and not even the ESEA website is spared!

The DDoS attacks that have plagued CS: Source over the last two weeks have now expanded in to CS 1.6 as well. People are upset with ESEA and it may not be long until players start demanding their money back. Today all of the ESEA servers crashed around 8:30 PM, ruining tonight's matches. The ESEA forums are flooded with complaints. The ESEA website has not been spared from attacks either. Tonight there have been several different XSS attacks that have disabled several different pages and some that have caused the HTML code to be printed out as text.

NerdBuster suspects that despite Mika having abandoned his TMER organization, the members have continued their mission to undo ESEA. These guys clearly hate ESEA with a passion. They are committing some very serious crimes with these acts of online terrorism. The suspected leader of this mysterious group calls himself k3u.

What do we "know" about k3u?

  • He is suspected of residing in Europe (anonymous source)
  • He mainly plays Garry's Mod (anonymous source)
  • His Steam ID is STEAM_0:0:3228595
  • He is VAC banned
  • He has played CEVO-Main and XPL-Open
  • His assumed name is "Shun Cheng" (probably not legit)

The real question is, what has ESEA done to him that has motivated him to ruin North American competitive gaming?

For those of you that have not been paying attention to the recent events, there are two theories regarding the start of these DDoS attacks.

  1. Shahzam raged Mika with his rant ("NerdBuster article and forum comments about Mika fuel a powerful response from an upset reader!") to the point that Mika flipped and vowed to destroy all of competitive gaming by packeting the players and servers to the point where people just stop playing.
  2. The attacks were started by someone random (we suspect k3u) and Mika was actually telling the truth in the letter he sent NerdBuster, "Mika at odds with TMER’s leadership; disbanding TMER"

Which ever the case may be, the people behind these attacks and there are some serious nerds trying to conquer the virtual worlds by bringing down the kingdom of North American competitive gaming (ESEA). At this point, it is safe to say that shit is indeed hitting the fan.

ESEA is not doing a very good job at damage control. There have been no announcements regarding the situation that seems to be escalating. Players are getting upset for being kept in the dark and if this continues, the raged mob will be so big that no amount of admins will be able to nuke all the forum threads. This simply has to be bad for business. Here is some food for thought, how about that Battle Empire then?

Esea has made the following comment on the DDoS situation.

Since so many people have been outspoken about being "kept in the dark" regarding the recent attacks on ESEA servers and website, I figured I'd give you all a little insight.

We know what's happening, when it happens.
We're looking into ways to resolve all recent problems.
We're attempting to resolve the larger problem in ways we see fit.

In short, we can't really tell you what we're doing, that would be counter-productive, but rest assured we're working hard to fix the problem.