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The Online Gaming League (OGL)

Contrary to popular belief, the Online Gaming League (OGL), used to be a very popular league back in the day. It's prime days were with Quake, Medal of Honor, and Unreal Tournament. Eventually CAL took all of their thunder and left them to rot in the shadows, but it was their own fault. They made the same mistakes that TWL did, but with a greater multiplier.

Aaron "Alric" Ferguson

The OGL website is IDENTICAL to the website that they had 10 years ago on July 6, 2001. See for your self. The way these organizations are run says a lot about its owners and management, or does it?

  • A. Ferguson (Alric), President
  • R. Halvorsen (Caine), Vice President - Operations
  • O. Mignault (Thrax), Director of Technology

Based on their website, amount of activity, and number of top teams that come out of OGL, the league is a failure. Make no mistake about it, I mean... it really is a failure. It's easy to point fingers at the management and say that its their fault... and you're right to do so, but if you take five minutes to research the matter, you'd find out that OGL is actually a project that got canned a long time ago.

For all practical purposes, the OGL is dead. It most likely died when its president, Alric, started working for Quakecon between 2002-2004. He probably realized that he could contribute to the gaming community more by working with a big brand. What a chump right? Well actually... no. In 2004 he was unexpectedly promoted to the Executive Director, a title which he holds to this day. He is running the entire show. Holy SHIT! What a nerd right? Yeah kinda... but he seems to be doing ok IRL as he is the CTO of StrongMail Systems in California.

Ok, OGL is dead and we know why... what now? Now we make fun of the admin(s) that are still trying to manage the divisions.

(January 18, 2011) "The counter strike source ladders have been cleaned up. You can now join the ladders again if your teams are active. The rules will be revised to meet the changes with the game.

Also, Season 1 of counter strike source is set to start on 1/25/2011. The time for the matches is 8PM eastern time. If you are currently on the season 1 league, Please go to your match comments and post up your server information." - OGL-Kam|kaze

Kam|kaze, at least you knew that the game had been updated, good job. Right now he is probably looking for the "orange box" that the updated game came in.

Season 1 did not start on 1/25/2011, they only got 15 teams to sign up and as of today, all the matches have been canceled. See the teams here.

OGL admins asked in a poll if the "community" would like to see a Black Ops ladder... 13 people answered, most said NO.

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