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The next GXL LAN has been announced


Yet another GXL is coming up that features a kick ass CS: Source tournament.

When: May 6th - 8th

CS: Source Tourny Deatils

  • 64 Team Max
  • Cost per team: $100 ($20 per player)
  • 5v5 Teams
  • All teams must prepaid before 9:30 Saturday.
  • Team Captains must check in Saturday 9:30 – 10:00
  • ESEA Rules, with the exception of fade to black enabled on match servers.


Battle Empire won CEVO-Main

The newly sponsored team "Battle Empire" won CEVO-Main. They will be moving on to the CEVO-P placement tournament this spring with a decent seed. The word is that the team will be getting $400 from Battle Empire for winning Main.

Quotes from Team Battle Empire:

"Ritard played outstanding, I'd vote him mvp for his play on season" - hs!boON

"We played hard and it paid off" - Timmah
"Looking forward to the cevo-pt" - Timmah

The starting lineup in the championship match was the following.

  • Haylie "h4ylie" Green
  • Chris "hs!boON" Del Pero
  • Corey "Ritard" W
  • Austin "r0amzki" Mahannah
  • Tim "Timmah" Barton

Backups, Mascots, and Cheerleaders include:

  • Shant "t0st0" Asadourian
  • Justin "jxtn" Green

1st Half

2nd Half


SM4SH3RS dodge ESEA LAN Playoffs

SM4SH3RS forfeited a crucial Invite match and now they do not qualify for ESEA LAN Finals. Nice dodge.

"I agree thats a waste of a spot, why do u play if at the end of the season u ddoge playoffs" - Anonymous


Battle Empire sponsors a CS: Source team!

Battle Empire recognizes a CS:Source team, "We Don't Practice", and rewards them for "exemplary eSports performance" with a team sponsorship that will provide an ample boost to their overall eSports earnings; apart from this, the team will now play under the label "Battle Empire". The team is currently participating in CEVO-Main Playoffs.

Nerd Buster caught up with Matthew Pietkevich, the Business Development Officer of Battle Empire, and extracted the following comment regarding the sponsorship.

"They have clearly demonstrated the spirit of eSports over this past season and we wanted to both reward and encourage the progress the team has been making."

Matthew went on to say that this is just another small example of how Battle Empire is increasing eSports awareness and profitability for its participants.


n1tr0s caught with a stolen ESEA account

Karan "n1tr0s" Mangat bought his ESEA account from Klurk who in turn stole the account from David "zDk" Figueroa. This can be confirmed by looking at the alias and steam id history on the account.

Alias History Steam ID History
  • current - n1tr0s
  • 02/8/11 - DoWnY_sLaYeR
  • 02/8/11 - n1tr0s
  • 12/1/10 - zDk
  • 11/3/10 - klurk-_-
  • 11/1/10 - zdk
  • 10/31/10 - klurk-_-
  • 10/24/10 - zdk
  • 05/23/10 - zehdehkay
  • 05/14/10 - ZDK
  • 04/3/10 - Manny_Pacquiao
  • current - 0:0:57548
  • 12/1/10 - 0:1:34069635
  • 12/1/10 - 0:1:34069635
  • 11/1/10 - 0:0:8901410
  • 11/1/10 - 0:0:8901410
  • 10/27/10 - 0:1:95956


Casey Foster bought a new boat; bring it on summer!

Casey Foster bought a new boat. He has the boat in Lake Lanier in Atlanta where he has a dock.

The boat is a 23 foot, 2008 Malibu Wakesetter LSV. It has 340 horse power and features heaters, a shower, a table, and a cruise control type of launch system to get riders out of the water automatically. His trailer for the boat also has rims, BLING!

2008 Malibu Wakesetter LSV


NerdBuster has been moved to a new server

You may have noticed some downtime with the NerdBuster website recently. The downtime has been caused by the fact that our website has been moved to a superior server, courtesy of End of Reality. NerdBuster will experience better up-time in the future thanks to more processing power and greater bandwidth allocations! When we launched our video card giveaway, we had simultaneous visitor counts spike all the way up to 300, so the new server will definitely help with peak times.

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NightFaLL shows signs of life and potential interest in gaming

Jacob "NightFaLL" Stanton

Jacob "Nightfall" Stanton is a notorious player from Call of Duty and Counter-Strike: Source. He has been "retired" from the competitive scene for a while, but two days ago he made one of his random posts that come up every once in a while when he logs on to nerd about.

He asked on the Netcode forums:

I'm curious if people get paid to play these days, like salary/incentives, etc, beyond just the typical server/ventrilo.

The thread turned in to a discussion about where the money is at right now. The consensus was that its over at Starcraft 2 and console games at MLG.


Mika is back; confirmed!

The menace is back. It was confirmed that he did in fact "lawyer up". Today he made a post on Netcode and called out CEVO and Celone.

How nice, CEVO's Season 12 has been announced. I thought it deserved it's own thread.

Get @ CP
Celone is an alien.

Does mika have any business back in the CS: Source community?

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CEVO announced Season 12

CS: Source Season 12 registrations have started. Registrations will end on April 24th at midnight.

Registration Fees:

  • Open = $10 per player
  • Main, Professional = $20 per player


  • Open = "$1,000 in prizes"
  • Main = "$3,000 in guaranteed cash"
  • Professional = "$5,000 in guaranteed cash"

Read more @ CEVO Forums

CEVO|Celone encourages everyone to signup:

"So roll out your keyboards and plug in your mice ladies, because we're about to have another competitive season on our hands courtesy of the top CSS League in North America!"


Sapphire & PEX @ Disneyland

These videos were posted on the forums, but the thread was locked quickly. These videos feature PEX and Sapphire along with some other nerds. Can you identify them?


xploD calls out lpkane with his rage-o-meter on max

Drama hit the ESEA forums when Variance (10-2 in Open) got shaken up by a mutiny and after reformation was told that they could not play.

What led to the rage?

  1. Kluwe left Variance
  2. brnn was picked up
  3. p4wn was picked up
  4. the roster was: timmah, roamzki, brnn, p4wn, xplod
  5. timmah and brnn wanted to replace xplod because "he was terrible and doesn't listen"
  6. Roamzki (16) thought that xploD was his "friend" and told him about the mutiny
  7. xploD got mad and kicked timmah and brnn off the team ~4 days before roster lock
  8. a few days later Roamzki ended up leaving
  9. xploD picked up sil, joy, and stan
  10. lpkane said they can't play out the season
  11. xploD raged and went at it on the forums (see picture below)

xplod rages


Dynamic beats Blight-EVERKI for 1st place at ETS LAN

Earlier in the week, Dynamic won CEVO-P. Today they won 1st place at ETS LAN. They are proving to be an unstoppable force!

ETS LAN had several problems with internet and the game servers, but the LAN still turned out great. The internet went out on a couple occasions and a router blew up as well. It was reported that the LAN got DDoS'ed which may have contributed to the internet outages, but it is not uncommon for internet to go out at LANs without foul play when hundreds of nerds are going crazy.

The Standings:

  1. Dynamic
  2. Blight-EVERKI
  3. iDemise

PEX of Team Dynamic @ ETS:


Internet connection was lost at ETS LAN; report of DDoS attack

ETS LAN has been having issues with their internet connection since the start. At one point all matches were put on hold because some players could not launch steam in offline mode.

It was recently reported that the internet connection was knocked out again.The ETS website is also down.

Nerd Buster received the following picture showing all the servers as unresponsive.

ETS Servers Timedout

Who do you think will win 1st place?

  • Dynamic (PEX, AZK, Legend, adrEN, anger) (74%, 39 Votes)
  • Blight.EVERKI (sasquatcH, ChEekz, nmE, 4sh0t, neil) (8%, 4 Votes)
  • Check-Six (COLO, flashstep, hRL, nosey, virulent) (6%, 3 Votes)
  • - ANOTHER TEAM - (6%, 3 Votes)
  • Summit Gaming (ilmer, nukeM, blzd, thaz, Random) (4%, 2 Votes)
  • iDemise (jam, Aks, ^TaM, FMB, ViNX) (2%, 1 Votes)
  • Immortal-7 (CONNORR, devotioN, hernandez, jKa-_0, vital) (2%, 1 Votes)
  • vVv (Bandit, Owenbear, Telento, Juls, Jerbear) (0%, 0 Votes)
  • Pirate Hookers (FEARME, ZarkO, KarLsBerG, Disclosure, zarT) (0%, 0 Votes)

Total Voters: 53

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Dynamic won CEVO-P Playoffs!

This didn't some as a surprise. Dynamic clearly has a better roster than SM4SH3RS. Dynamic was already favored to become the champions in Nerd Buster's poll earlier in the week ("SM4SH3RS make it to CEVO-P finals!").

Despite shaffer being a pro thief, he couldn't steal the win for SM4SH3RS.

CEVO could have done a better job promoting the playoffs. Is Celone getting lazy, or was he too busy trolling over on the Netcode Forums?