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Battle Empire was released last night; check out the community response and interview with BE

The turn out was not as huge as expected. It looks like only 16 players paid up and played, but they have enjoyed it! The main reason for the low join count is probably the fact that you need to be at least 18 years old and have a credit card to sign up for the pay2play league.

You Play. We Pay.

A unique thing about the Battle Empire CS: Source client is that it removes all that extra "junk" that is laying around on all the different maps. People have really enjoyed that feature since it helps out with FPS and gives the game a more competitive feel to it. One thing that the client removes that it shouldn't is the "fire in the whole" message when team mates throw grenades.

The BE matches are played to 11 points with 10 rounds being played on T and 10 rounds on CT. The league does implement a pistol round even with this low round count. Players have already complained about this and are suggesting to maybe remove pistol rounds and go with CGS rules or increase max rounds to 15 per half.

As of right now, the BE Client does not seem to enforce any anti-ghosting mechanisms like fade to black.

Players have also complained about there not being an automatic team balance system and/or a punishment for players for dropping out of a match. 4v5 and 3v5 situations are some serious handicaps when playing for money! As of right now, the top 5 players on BE are looking at making about $40 per day.

BE only has New York servers right now, but the word is that once more people sign up, they will expand in to more locations.

The overall consensus is that BE is great. Players are excited to see how it develops. BE Admins seem like they are on top of things and are improving systems actively.

We asked Battle Empire for their thoughts on the launch. Check out what they said.

1. How did it go in your opinion?

Well, by every definition the launch was a success considering we have over 300 registered users number is growing each hour.  Not bad for a Tuesday night.  Players were able to register, install, and play the entire night.  A few players had issues dealing certain types of credit cards, but those issues were resolve quickly and nearly all support requests have been answered with solutions.  Battle Empire is right on pace to meet the expectations of our customers, and I imagine that during the weekend, registrations will be the heaviest.  We picked Tuesday night to make things light on our staff.

2. What did you guys think of the community response?

When the clock hit 7:00 PM, a rather large wave of first time users registered all at once, and those gamers are the core group we expected to see on day one.  Gamers who got a chance to try out the platform last night have been extremely grateful and enthusiastic.  Many of them have recognized that we can really pave the way, relating to how this service continues to develop.  BTW, at 7:30PM EST the standings will be released and players can see how much money they made!

3. What are you guys working on now?

The development team is adding all sorts of features to the platform, and is refining the core system that pays gamers paid to play video games.  They are adding more options for gamers to pay our $5.99 monthly membership fee, which we use to develop and maintain the service we provide to them.  You can also expect to see major improvements to the statistics and standings pages very soon.  As membership numbers increase we will increase server locations.  We also plan on taking early feedback and making changes to the match rule set, to meet the competitive desires of our community.

4. Can you leak NerdBuster some exclusive info?

On a side note TeamSpeak, is now an Official sponsor of Battle Empire, and they will be sponsoring our Counter-Strike: Source league. A few more are in the pipeline, but you didn’t hear that from me.

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