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Chris “Mika” Prescott has disappeared!

Mika da creep

From the looks of it, Mika has disappeared. An anonymous source confirmed that Mika had told them that he is going to "lawyer up" and "take care of this before it gets out of hand." Mika has not been seen on Steam or IRC since Tuesday. Nerd Buster confirmed that Mika has also closed his Youtube account (check here).

We assume he got scared by the email that was revealed in our post "ESEA continues to disgrace itself with slander and lies; they also claim to have contacted the FBI" In the email, ESEA admin BiGG contacts Nerd Buster's previous web host asking for the website to be shut down for malicious activity. BiGG also says that he has contacted the FBI regarding other abuse such as DDoS attacks, fraud, and child pornography. When BiGG sent the email, he was under the impression that Mika owned NerdBuster, which has since been confirmed to not be the case.

We can only hope that this has been a wake up call for Mika and that he takes a step back from the internet. Whether or not he is responsible for the recent DDoS attacks, he has by no doubt caused a lot of negative down turns for the gaming community. He has previously defended his position in the community by saying that he is the reason many of the CGS players came back to CS: Source, but while that may be the case...

"One good deed is not enough to redeem a man of a lifetime of wickedness" - Norrington (Pirates of the Caribbean)

For those of you that want to keep tabs on this menace, the steam accounts associated with him are the following: