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ESEA continues to disgrace itself with slander and lies; they also claim to have contacted the FBI

ESEA's very own Eric "BiGG" Wallace tried to take down NerdBuster by contacting our previous webhost and telling them that we host malicious code that steals email addresses. He claimed that NerdBuster has hacked email accounts and orchestrated the DDoS attacks against ESEA. Note from the screenshot below that BiGG thought that NerdBuster was owned by Mika. It has been stated a million times already, that is not the case.

fail sauce

The blacked out parts of the image contain the following text.

  1. already in talks with the FBI
  2. and in private messaging
  3. soliciting and blackmailing children under the age of 16, in return for child pornography, of which we have significant proof.

We wait with excitement to read the email that he sends Robby of EOReality, our current webhost.