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ECO League is trying to re-launch in 2011

ECO League folded a while back. It was criticized for having an inferior website and a pathetic anti-cheat client. The team behind the league has been working on rebuilding the league with new and improved features.

The ECO splash website promises that the league will...

  • always remain a free service
  • provide cash prizes
  • publish game stats
  • provide a scrim finder
  • release an improved anti-cheat client

A lot of people are skeptical about the chances of success for a league that already closed up shop once, but let's see what the Nerd Buster audience thinks.

ECO failed once already, would you give it another shot?

  • Yes, it may still have a chance (46%, 170 Votes)
  • No, it is doomed to fail (30%, 112 Votes)
  • Maybe, don't really care (24%, 87 Votes)

Total Voters: 369

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Daybreak busted shirtless with his face exposed!


First we caught Daybreak with his dick out with "Mika > ESEA" written on it along with some hate notes and threats. Now we got his face and upper torso thanks to a kind patron of the radically free press.

Daybreak is suspected of being a white supremacist. His wife must be proud of his internet dealings. (Pic anyone?)

Check out the previous Nerd Buster post where Daybreak got caught with is dick out.


Haseeb banned for cheating; a known Mika dick-rider

Haseeb Durvesh is a known associate of Chris "Mika" Prescott. He is known to be one of Mika's many errand boys who help Mika sucker his way in to every corner of the Source community. Haseeb recently got ESEA banned for cheating. Watch out for this lurking punk.

Haseeb is a Mika dick-rider

Haseeb is known to play on the following two Steam ID's.


Daybreak got caught with his dick out

Jonathan "daybreaK" Williams got caught with his dick out with a message, "Mika > ESEA", written on the shaft. Daybreak (STEAM_0:1:20693607) currently plays CS: Source for Fervour. He is 24 years old and supposedly he is married. Does his wife know what he is doing on the internet?


Daybreak also has a message for Nerd Buster's owner. Apparently he got hurt on the internet some time ago.

E-Threat to Nerd Buster's owner

This guy is clearly an unstable lunatic that thinks he rules the world because he has weapons, a troll of a wife, and an assumed military background. He doesn't have a problem showing his dick but he covers up his face. Feeling insecure with your acne? Chump.

the stare of death


FNH League is a prime candidate for failure

FNH League (view beta) is a classic organization started by a high school kid. Currently the owner of the league is contacting anyone and everyone in hopes of landing some sort of a server sponsorship deal, because he doesn't have the money to actually rent any servers.

[13:33:33] <FNHLeague> I've already spent upwards of $200 on it
[13:33:39] <FNHLeague> And I'm still in high school.
[13:33:41] <FNHLeague> With a fiancee.

Failure of a website

The owner already spent a considerable silly amount of money on the project that he considers to be quite a bit. Supposedly the organization has four web developers working on the website, yet they still decided to use WebSpell as the content management system. The owner claims that the website will be done and operational by tonight. What a fool! Just because a CMS promises to do everything and anything that you want, doesn't mean it yield anything close to the result you were expecting. This website will be a failure. They bought a clan site template for their league.

"as soon as we get everything we need running this site is going to explode" - FNH League

The only thing this league is going to explode to be is the next BoE. They can both enjoy each others company in the forgotten lands of neverheardia as they ponder about their fate of oblivion.

Doomed to fail.

Screenshot of website on 2011-06-03 at 10.21.43 AM

Update [06/03/11]: The website looks even worse and more broken today than it did a week ago. The "team of developers" is doing a wonderful job. This project has officially failed. It will be canned soon. You heard it here first.


Devastation’s Eh-_^plus raps in the XOXO Vent


ML linked In Ventrilo Recording to k3u!



A Ventrilo recording of known ESEA French Canadian cheater Maxime "maxiEdward^A" Lapierre has been leaked. In the recording ML is apparently arguing with Mika the leader of Mika Gaming and Head of the notorious group t;meR. ML incriminates himself and admits to being an IP leaker for k3u. He accuses Mika of not getting his hands dirty and using k3u to handle his dirty work. Rumor is that ML was only talking smack because he was jealous that Jimmy "nikoN^" Pike received a bundle of gifts from Mika. Some of the items were a $400 dollar 120hz monitor and a $150 dollar headset from Mika.

MLRAGE Ventrilo Recording <---
  • Mika's Pakistani prodigy and confidant Haseeb witnessed the event.


DaZeD banned from ESEA!

Sam "DaZeD" Marine

Sam "DaZeD" Marine got banned from ESEA for unsportsmanlike conduct. As of right now, he won't be playing ESEA-Invite with Team Dynamic for the next four months. Well done sir. Glad to see that the "pros" are leading with an example, but what do you expect, the word on the street is that CS: Source has the most unsportsmanlike community of all competitive games. World of the trolls.


Mika’s nerd posse is back in business

The super nerds have once again united under one banner. Supposedly Mika's posse is back in business. TMER emailed Nerd Buster with a statement announcing their return.


TMER (The Mika e-Sports Rebellion) is back and this time for good. We have new goals, strategies and plan to execute. People might not understand who we are, what we do or the purpose of the TMER group. We fight magic with magic, evil with evil and we destroy egos. No troll, e-thug or skiddie will challange us. We will give no special treatment, there will be zero favoritism to any person, gaming org, league or sponsor. Threaten us, ban us, rage at us, do whatever makes you feel like something is being done.  But nothing can deter an order given TMER's leadership. We will respect and not interfere only with those who comport accordingly.

TMER is recruiting people who have special talents and skills. If you know what we mean by that, you are probably one of the whom we seek. If you are interested of being part of our network and think you can bring something to the table send us an application. You can contact us at [email protected]

- Chris Prescott

Beware of bored trolls with self-acquired tech skills that are lurking in the community. They are up to no good and promote a message that is absolutely NOT what gaming and the love for gaming is about. Nerd Buster suggests NOT associating with anyone that you suspect of having dealings with this assumed "hacker" group. Anyone with information about the group and/or its members is encouraged to report their intel to [email protected]


Tactical Intervention, the next Counter-Strike?

Minh Le, the co-creator of the original Counter-Strike, has been working diligently on a new titled called Tactical Intervention. It has been in beta since the Spring of 2010, but now the project is moving forward. The publisher recently launched a close beta for the game in Europe.

Visit the Official Website for more details.

Do you think Tactical Intervention will be a big deal?

  • No (68%, 296 Votes)
  • Yes (17%, 75 Votes)
  • Maybe (15%, 67 Votes)

Total Voters: 438

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GetGosu holding a $500 Free Entry Counter Strike Tournament

Might as well head over and take their money.

To celebrate Memorial Day 2011 and the recent pwning of the #1 terrorist Osama Bin Laden, is hosting a free entry, $500 Cash Prize Counterstrike Source Tournament on May 28th.  Teams from across North America and Europe have been invited, such as eMazing Gaming, Check-Six, Crucial Connexion, Team Vindicated, Team Trauma, Team Simplify, Team Viper, Frag Machine, VvV Gaming, Team Regret and Team Dignitas.  Teams that weren't explicitly invited can still register and play at

Has anyone tested the GetGosu Anti-Cheat systems? (or confirmed that it's not a keylogger, LOL!)

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Should Nerd Buster setup forums?

Loyal readers, cast your vote and help shape community to what YOU want it to be!

Should Nerd Buster setup forums?

View Results

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  • CEVO forums are practically dead
  • ESEA forums are premium only
  • Gotfrag forums are a joke

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Devastation banned from ESEA; [UPDATE: Christina took care of it]

The newly formed CEVO-P and ESEA-Invite team, Devastation (aka Scumbags United), just got banned from ESEA. The word on the street is that Blackfoger got in touch with ESEA and revealed something that got the team banned. (Update: This turned out to be incorrect. Torbul explained why the team was banned. See the update at the bottom.) The players are banned for 1,000 days with the reason set as "Disrespecting an Admin (1st)"

montE, Disrespecting an Admin (1st), 05/12/11, 1000 days
nmEhzbn, Disrespecting an Admin (1st), 05/12/11, 1000 days
sasquatcH_973_, Disrespecting an Admin (1st), 05/12/11, 1000 days
ChEekzhzbn, Disrespecting an Admin (1st), 05/12/11, 1000 days
4sh0t, Disrespecting an Admin (1st), 05/12/11, 1000 days

Devastation as Blight.EVERKI @ ETS LAN

This was a hell of a move from ESEA. The skill level of Invite just dropped drastically. One thing is clear, Blackfoger is raged over the fact that Christina took over his CS: Source squad. The troll looking nerd has disgraced himself and his organization time after and time and now that he is finally on the brink of oblivion, he decides to take everyone down with him. Let's follow how this situation develops.

Nerd Buster is waiting for comments from Devastation's manager, Christina.

UPDATE: Torbul explains why the team was banned

I banned them because they have been unresponsive to my e-mails about paying me back for the hotel bill that I had to pay for them. Upon checking out of the hotel to leave the LAN, the hotel informed me that their rooms were unpaid (thanks Blackfogger) and they were going to call the cops on the people in the rooms. I decided to pay the hotel bill because I've known Stephen for many years and figured they would pay me back. Once they do then they will be unbanned.

UPDATE: Christina paid the team's debt and got everyone unbanned!

The team is unbanned. Take a look, I took care of everything with Torbull. Everything is paid for. There's your update. :) Now blackfoger looks like a complete asshole. This is what real sponsors do :)


CEVO website is being nuked by hackers

Gaming leagues have been getting DDoS'ed since forever, but recently the hacker k3u has made headlines on multiple occasions. He tormented ESEA for weeks, but the word on the street is that he recently made a deal with ESEA to stop the attacks.

Today the  CEVO website went down around the time that the first matches of the night were supposed to be played. That means that the CMN is down and nobody can connect to the client to play their matches. Make no mistake, the website isn't down for no reason, a hacker is nuking it. Anyone with a match tonight can forget about it and kick back with a beer and watch as a hacker hiding behind a LCD monitor goes at it, trying to make their mark in the world.

CEVO|Celone commented some time ago regarding the ESEA DDoS attacks saying that CEVO has been getting DDoS'ed a lot in the past but that nobody ever made a big deal about it. Now that CAL is dead and CEVO and ESEA are the last ones left, it will probably become a bigger deal because everyone is focusing on these two organizations.

Nerd Buster suspects that k3u is behind this attack against CEVO.

Hackers gonna hack.


Disturbed gets kicked off team eNvy; Christina is not happy

Disturbed (STEAM_0:0:2302288) doesn't even know it himself yet, but he is getting kicked off team eNvy for a cheating violation in ESEA. It is not surprising considering his ESEA record. He has been banned for various things through out the years. The statement "once a cheater, always a cheater" really applies to this guy. Check out his ban history...

You heard it here first, sucker!

Improper Flashing (1st), 11/18/10, 1 day
Website Abuse (1st), 7/7/10, 4 days
Server Disruption (2nd), 2/18/10, 2 days
Unsportsmanlike Conduct, 2/6/10, 7 days
Server Disruption (1st), 1/8/10, 12 hours
Ghosting (1st), 7/3/09, 4 days
Cheating (0:0:2302288), 1/2/09, 180 days
Server Disruption (1st), 2/1/07, 1 day
Improper Flashing (1st), 1/31/07, 1 day
Website Abuse (1st), 1/29/07, 1 day 12 hours

The team's manager and sponsor is not at all happy about this. Despite the fact that the cheating offense took place over two years ago, Christina stands strong by her position regarding cheating.

eNvy | DrChristina5000™: i'm pissed
eNvy | DrChristina5000™: so is my team
eNvy | DrChristina5000™: I dont sponsor cheaters.
eNvy | DrChristina5000™: Once that CEVO Roster is unlocked we are kicking him to the curb...and the ESEA roster he is gone from as well

Christina is also the manger/sponsor of the newly formed Devastation that split from Blight after the ESEA LAN.

Disturbed, you heard it here first: You are cut.