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ESEA|BiGG’s tattoos; ESEA logo and account number

ESEA|BiGG has once again been confirmed to be a super nerd. Late last year, he got two new tattoos. The first one has a barcode and his ESEA account number. The second one is the ESEA logo. BiGG has clearly accepted that he will be a virgin for life. Unfortunately this is the only way for some people in the world to feel like they belong. They get rejected in real life so they commit their miserable existence to the virtual worlds.

ESEA|BiGG tattoos

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Battle Empire released their new website; new features, events, and games are being added!

Battle Empire has been laying low and their community seems to have been pretty quiet lately, but they have not stopped on working on new features. Today they announced their new beta website. In addition to a new website design, they have announced two new leagues that will be added soon, HoN and WoW. Their team is also working on finishing an events system. The system is set to launch with a $2,000 prize pot for CS: Source. The events will be separate from the leagues. The events are just additional fun that players can sign up for...


Nerd Buster now has forums!

We here at Nerd Buster figured that since we already publish articles and coverage without limits, we should provide the community with a limitless forum as well. If you already have an account on Nerd Buster, you can use that to login on the forums and start contributing to the epicness.

Why Nerd Buster forums?
- You don't have to worry about getting nuked or banned
- You don't need to pay money to participate in the community

Have at it gamers!


Nerds prank call a LAN center in Ventrilo

FODDER, Stylissh, FR3SCOBAR, and PocketMonsta engaged in some silly business...


Vanity email forwarders; get one!

The Legit-Proof network of websites is now offering vanity email forwarders for everyone.

What domains are available?


With a vanity email forwarder, you can keep your real email address safe and use your vanity email address on gaming sites, leagues, etc. For example, lets say you get [email protected] When people send email to [email protected], you would receive their email in what ever email account you choose to tie the forwarder with... gmail for example. You can reap all the benefits of having a gmail account while giving out your email address as [email protected] on the internet. Plus a vanity email address will make you super cool.

OK, how do I get one?

Get in touch via email ([email protected]) with DNA from Legit-Proof. The email forwarder will cost you $50 $20 and you will be able to keep it for life.

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pr3rawr embarrassed himself at OG Lan

The community was once again reminded that even the "top players" are can be just trolling nerds. pr3rawr talked mad shit before and during the OG Lan and then ended up losing.


Pr3rawr plays for Lion Crew in ESEA-Invite... other than that, he has a tiny bit of CEVO-Professional proof and a boat load of Open and Main. He not only talked shit at the LAN and then lost, he pretty much won the white-trash award for the event. His "gear" makes him look like he rolled straight out from a trailer park. Pr3rawr failed to translate his "mad cs skills" to "mad swagger" ... stay behind your LCD screen chump!


Christina busted topless on webcam

Christina (aka Dr. Christina5000) was busted topless on webcam with no other than Chris Prescott. After getting banned for five years from ESEA for being suspected of associating with Mika and TMER, she gets busted on webcam with the top dog himself. Way to go Christina, looks like you straight up lied when you pinkie promised that you have not been in contact with the TMER group.

Feast your eyes gamers.

Christina Topless (Click to Enlarge)


Leetway is back in business

The Leetway server service has been restored. The website was moved to another host and some inner workings of it were revamped. The amount of servers has decreased to only five because some flaky hosts either went out of business or the servers stopped working, but the team looks forward to introducing more servers from new providers soon. Currently the only available game servers are from End of Reality, which has stood rock solid since the start of Leetway's operations. A ton of Ventrilo servers are also available, courtesy of Nation Voice.


Group of ESEA ban victims threaten to take action

It looks like ESEA's post about cracking down on DDoS'ers has struck some nerves and infuriated some people in the community even further. Last night, Nerd Buster received a very direct announcement from a group of 5 year ESEA ban victims who said they would join the DDoS race and contribute to the torment until their accounts were unbanned. See the quoted email below.

I've witnessed many f**king biased acts over the past few months, mainly by the f**got ass "BIGG". I've watched as people, who I don't know get banned without reason or for little justification for a FIVE YEAR BAN and basically ruining their gaming career, unless they wanna compete in.... f**king CEVO.

Apparently ESEA takes sides of those who are biased and takes their word for everything. Banning myself and 2 of my friends until 2016 for absolutely nothing or any real proof will ultimately lead to ESEA's downfall. Nerdbuster quoted me before but now I have absolutely 100% serious. BIGG and his f**got ass actions will lead to non stop torment until ESEA unbans all 3 of us.

Looks like k3u/mika and his posse got some competition as to who can DDoS ESEA the most. But my guys won't stop the DDoS'ing until bans are reversed.

- Anonymous

The rage that is fueling these guys is directly caused by the ridiculous bans that ESEA has been handing out lately. Check out the earlier Nerd Buster post covering that issue.

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ESEA claims to be cracking down on the DDoS situation

F-Rating from BBB

ESEA made an announcement about their progress on the war against DDoS attacks. They claim to have an open case with the FBI and that they have figured out k3u name, address, and other "fun" details that they have passed on to their case worker. They are also convinced that Mika is connected with the DDoS attacks and are therefore also cracking down on him. They have contacted local authorities regarding Mika and "child pornography" for which they claim to have evidence. Did Mika forget to ask if the boys were over 18?

Checkout the following snipplet from the official post by ESEA. It covers the key points of the post.

On the investigation front, we presently have an open case with the FBI and have been feeding them as much information as we can including names, addresses, payment information, and copious amounts of log data for months now. Through the diligent work by our most senior employees, cooperation from federal and local law enforcement, ISPs, local businesses, and particularly school systems, we have obtained detailed personal information for ESEA user k3u, who is responsible for the bulk of the attacks. In the real world, beyond being quite pale, the user in question has a last name of Quintiliano and lives in Somerville, MA. We have his full name, full address, phone number, information on his relatives (as well as all sorts of other fun information) and have been giving a steady stream of it to the agent who's taken up our case. We also plan on continuing to publicly release additional information as long as the attacks persists.

Additional efforts and progress have also been made in tracking down ESEA user mika who has made no secret of the fact that he is also involved in the attacks. Unfortunately, due to the nature of the crimes we've provided evidence for (namely child pornography) I cannot legally discuss this particular investigation publicly -- but trust that it will most definitely be a satisfying outcome.

Sources are telling Nerd Buster that the information that ESEA has of k3u is not correct, but there is no way to confirm either party's claim. Hopefully the FBI can soon bring peace to the Counter-Strike: Source community.

The post by ESEA has a bit of attitude in it (surprised? lkpane wrote it). It almost sounds like a post just meant to scare k3u and Mika and/or calm the masses that are upset about the DDoS problems that they are having.


Follow up on Christina and Devastation

The recent article, "Dr. Christina5000 and Blackfoger; Devastation breaking up?," made some people upset. Some are saying that the things said by the anonymous poster are not true, so we took it upon ourselves to do some investigative work of our own.

True fact #1
Christina got banned from ESEA for 5 years by lpkane. She got banned because she is suspected of being  (or having) associated with k3u and possibly mika. When we had a chat with her earlier today, she denied any contact with either menace, "I am not associating with k3u or mika." Sources within the TMER organization however confirm that Christina has been in contact with them.

True Fact #2
Devastation got kicked out of ESEA-Invite. The team had a mutiny and they took ownership of the CEVO team. Sasquatch raged and started kicking people off the ESEA roster, essentially killing the team.

We were unable to confirm whether or not Christina is broke. She probably won't share the balance of her bank account with the internet... and kids, you probably shouldn't do that!

Christina says that she is absolutely NOT partnering with Blackfoger.

"I'm not making any deals with stupid blight and blackfoger" - Christina

In other, somewhat related news, Christina has dropped eNvy from her list of sponsored teams. They have been talking mad smack about her ever since.


Dr. Christina5000 and Blackfoger; Devastation breaking up?

The following article covering recent events regarding Blight, Devastation, Christina, and Blackfoger was submitted by an anonymous reader and has been published here in its original format. Read on, entertain yourself.

The Article

The CS:Source community is full of lies, false hope, and pretentious behavior. Those people are a blight (pun intended) on the gaming community. One of them, is DrChristina5000.


Dr. Christina saved blight's CSS team. She has sponsored a few other teams as well, with what seemed unlimited success and devotion. Or so that's what her teams were forced to believe. 'Christina "DrChristina5000" Oski' has ran out of money. Devastation CSS has gone to shit, and I can bet you the rest of her teams will soon too. Devastation was removed from ESEA-Invite because of this. She places the blame on 'Stephen "sasquatcH_973_" Csikos', who, when asked what part he played in Devastation's demise, was too butthurt to comment. Stephen is now playing in ESEA-Intermediate, on 'Freaking Awesome Gamers'.

Okay. So Devastation breaking up, big deal. Why should you care? Well, because of this, Christina is joining forces with blackfoger. 'James "blackfoger" Larsen' is the owner/manager of Blight Gaming. Wait a second? Wasn't there a little issue back in may, in which blight's CSS team left to form Devastation, where Christina was quoted as saying;

"He [Blackfoger] is a worthless tool who needs to stay out of gaming and off the internet all together." - Christina

So if you thought that was enough drama for Christina, you'd be horribly, horribly wrong. Check out this ESEA forum post from "RKO";

"So i was sitting in mumble and then some dirty bitch named DrChristina joined and then her lackey k3u joined and then our mumble got attacked and crashed. Let it go Christina... seriously think about it, it was bound to happen eventually. You can only lie for so long until someone exposes you. If it wasn't me it would have been somebody else.

Do you really want to keep pushing me?

I just may have to teach you a good hard lesson.

I'd post saying something to k3u but i don't think he's allowed on this site anymore so it'd be a waste of effort. This kid needs to get a life and stop jerking off to a hook nosed bitch on webcam."

So apparently Christina is a part of k3u's little posse. Does this mean she is also a Mika dick rider? The answer would be an astounding YES! They are in fact the best of friends. Christina is the whore of Mika's nerd posse called 't:meR'. She asks them to do something, and they do it. Maybe for nude photos? You'd hope not...

Next time you are in a vent or mumble, or even a random CS:Source server, be sure not to piss off DrChristina, or she'll get her nerd minions after you or your server. Who knows, maybe she'll whore out to ESEA| BiGG and get them ESEA banned for 5 years. Watch out, fellow gamers and Sourcerers.


The community is unhappy about ESEA’s random-ban policy


ESEA has been banning people left and right for absurd and sometimes nonexistent reasons. For example, FR3SCOBAR recently got banned for five years because he made fat jokes about ESEA|BiGG. He must have been entertained by Nerd Buster's post on BiGG ("ESEA|BiGG is a super-sized nerd"). BiGG didn't handle the fat jokes very well so he deemed fit to punish FR3SCOBAR with a 5 year ban for "malicious activity." Naturally FR3SCOBAR emailed ESEA asking why he was banned. BiGG replied to the email quite bluntly, "Your ban will not be removed."

Today, Nerd Buster received an email from an anonymous ESEA user who threatens to wreak havoc during the ESEA season.

"For ESEA's recent banning spree of innocent users/accounts. I will be (DOS) attacking every CS:Source Invite regular season match and every Main playoff match." - Anonymous

Nerds are going to extreme lengths to express their opinions about ESEA's policies. Have other means been exhausted?

ESEA has a long track record of handling many issues in a quite unprofessional manner. Sure, these guys especially on the forums are teenagers calling each other names, flaming, trolling, and goofing all they can, but ESEA should be taking such activity with a grain of salt. This is what the gaming community does! How exciting would competitive gaming be without all the drama of trolls, etc. There won't be a day any time soon when teams play a match, say good game fellas, shake hands, and carry about their business. Even though this is the internet and gamers are what they are, ESEA is still a company with paying CUSTOMERS and they ought to be handling issues like a respectable company. Torbul probably shouldn't be calling premium members idiots.

Interesting Fact: ESEA has an F rating from the Better Business Bureau with 8 filed complaints.

But hey, ESEA's admins aren't the only ones representing their organization in a questionable manner. Mr. Celone of CEVO is quite the troll himself. Check out the Nerd Buster post, "Jonathan Celone, head CEVO admin… and part-time forum troll."

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Beware of scammers; nerds are snakes!

Curt "KeyHunt" Carter is a 23 year old nerd from North Carolina. He is also a known scammer. He ran a website called that has a premium membership fee and the members could share, trade, and talk about anything and everything related to CD-Keys. "CD-Key" is where Curt's online alias (KeyHunt) comes from. He collected a hefty $20 premium fee from his members. It was a one time payment and in exchange the members were promised life-time premium access to the community.

Plenty of people signed up for this premium service and soon found out that they got shafted and screwed out of their money. The website has been down since last summer and not a single person has received a refund. Curt is also not answering any emails regarding the matter.

"Curt im just wondering why you would start a website and charge people 20$ for premium and then after you've collected alot of money shut it down? When you agreed to pay the 20$ it was for a lifetime premium account. I don't see shit and its been a long time so i want my money back and if i don't fucking get it your in for a big surprise son." - tripleOG

Not only is Curt a scammer and thief, but he also facilitated illegal activities through his community. Sharing, trading, leaking, and selling CD-Keys is a gray area.

Anyway, who is Curt Carter? He is the founder of Enervate Gaming (2004-2010). He has also been the managing director of Check-Six Gaming. His position in organizations like these is probably what enabled him to convince nerds to sign up and pay for his premium community.

Gamers, be careful out there! Watch out for punks like Curt Carter.


Warmach1ne sucks up to Mika; Dick-ride?


Laurent "Warmach1ne" Keoula posted a blatant suck-up thread about Mika on the ESEA forums today. He is probably trying to sucker his way on to Mika's good side so he can get free shit from Mika. A while back he acted a fool and Mika didn't send him the MSI laptop that he had already ordered.

The forum post "Warmach1ne explains mika":

Mika has been getting a lot of bad rep lately, but i just wanted to clear up a few things.

To begin, it should be understood that Mika has been a real sponsor to the teams he had. Since CGS died he has been the only one to put forward his own money to help the source community stay competitive. I know I have said otherwise in the past, but it was only out of spite. It can’t be denied that he has helped many people in the community with money and computers so they can continue to game. Mika shouldn’t be bashed; instead he should be respected, because he is only here to help with his ability to support another competitive source team.

It's no surprise that a single team has been the only one winning in source as of late, they've been the only team in the community with a legit sponsor. Lashing out against Mika and banning him for things he didn't do is only promoting a less competitive community.

Mika isn’t smart or nerdy enough to packet the Esea network. He just claimed and took credit for it when in fact it was someone else. Furthermore, Mika isn’t a gay pedophile

Warmach1ne has made Nerd Buster homepage in the past as well. Check out our previous post about him. Apparently he thinks that he is white. LOL.

This guy is hyped up for no reason. He isn't really all that good. He used to be a somebody but now he is a wash out, good for nothing Mika suck up. He had his prime. He would have better served his reputation by retiring from gaming a long time ago.