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Cyber Revolution won CEVO-Professional

Casey Foster was right... now that Cyber Revolution was able to use their real starting five, they rocked the house and took home the Season 12 CEVO-P title. Team Dynamic played a superb match and ended up losing by only two rounds (14 to 16). Cyber Revolution and Team Dynamic only played one map in the final round because Cyber Revolution had already sent Dynamic to the lower bracket earlier in the playoffs, so they had the advantage and only needed to win one map in the final to take home the championship title.

In the earlier Nerd Buster poll, 66% of the voters thought that Team Dynamic would take this one... hopefully they didn't place bets. Let's see what happens at the next ESEA LAN. Team Dynamic has taken the last 3 LAN titles.


A Siren’s Call

Dangerous bird-women, portrayed as seductresses who lured nearby sailors with their enchanting music and voices to shipwreck on the rocky coast of their island.


Even in the this mondern era there are sirens still around that lure gamers into a wreck. Dr Christina a new sponsor emerged and started sponsoring 5 invite teams. Some thought she would be the savour of CSS, she just turned out to be a scammer with her own agenda of getting fame after a failed CSS career. Rumors started circulating that christina was broke as lines started to get blurred and more doubts were laid into the air about her finances.

One of her sponsored teams "the Experiment" had seven players paid at $20 a person thanks to christina. A week before their first match all seven players fee's were "not paid" randomly. The teams leader approached christina about the situation she sneaked out that ESEA had randomly returned her money and it was "stuck" in paypal and that it would be resolved with no issue shortly. A couple of days pass christina is not online on her regular steam account but her other one. She tells people that she is laying low for awhile because of all the Random hate thats being attracted. A week nearly goes by christina does nothing. The teams league fee's ended up being paid by Brad "pyourr" which was reimbursed by commfortress.

A month goes by and she decides to add blackfoger in hopes making a deal and getting back into the scene. Christina has now associated herself with a DDOS group calling themselves m4dpeople. Read more about Kalab Parker and m4dpeople in the Nerd Buster article titled, "Kalab Parker is a hacker and troll"

Not only has Christina now associated with a hacking/trolling group, she is actually in a relationship with the leader, Kalab Parker.


Kalab Parker is a hacker and troll

Kalab Parker

It did not take much for Nerd Buster investigators to figure out who was behind the recent DDoS attack towards our website. The "leader" of the hacker/troll group, m4dpeople, calls himself SmaTTeR. His real name is Kalab Parker. On the group's steam page, they sport the logo of Anonymous, which is funny because these guys are absolute amateurs when it comes to hacking. They are a disgrace to the Anonymous group.

Kalab Parker is nothing but a troll with high school level computer skills. In fact, he goes to Poquoson High School in Virginia. He spends his time raging and trolling kids on the internet and then pretends to have a life. He will actually tell you that. Kalab is currently banned from ESEA for cheating (second time) until 08/05/2012. Kalab is a broke chump. Earlier this year he sold his 2007 Honda CRF150F for $1,000 because "need money for car insurance."

2007 Honda CRF150F

The m4dpeople group has attracted a recently popularized loser to their ranks, DrChristina5000. At first she started sponsoring top teams, pretending to be the savior of Source, then the flaked out on the payments, faded from the community and joined the dark side. The NBIA (Nerd Buster Investigation Agency) reports that they have in fact heard some chatter on the wavebands that would indicate that Christina has been talking about Nerd Buster a lot lately. She has actually been looking for ways to shut down our website, but we will have more on that later.


Team Dynamic rocked the house tonight

Team Dynamic beat eMg in CEVO-P Semi Finals two to nothing. They took the first two maps and made eMg settle for third place. Dynamic now advances to the final to face off Cyber Revolution who already beat them earlier in the upper bracket, so now Dynamic is thirsty for payback and to put another title under their belts. Team Dynamic has won the last three ESEA LANs.

Casey Foster predicts that Cyber Revolution will be able to hold it down and beat Dynamic in the final again now that they are able to use their real starting five. The final will be played on Thursday, July 28th.

Who will win CEVO-P finals?

  • Team Dynamic (66%, 86 Votes)
  • Cyber Revolution (34%, 44 Votes)

Total Voters: 130

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Public Organner cheats are undetected on Battle Empire

Organner public cheats work on Battle Empire

An anonymous source has confirmed that the publicly available Organner cheats are in fact undetected and completely compatible with Battle Empire. He shined some light on the underground network of BE cheaters and that "ppl are winning so much money cheating with a pub hack." The source quit playing on Battle Empire because "thats why i quit playing it [...] because he was cheating and rippin me"

Both the Immunity and Framework cheats from Organner are confirmed to be undetected on Battle Empire. It looks like EAC has some work to do. One of the anonymous source's cheater friends has been confirmed to have made over $500 on Battle Empire.

Beware BE players, when you are getting de_stroyed in your next pug, you might in fact be getting cheated out of your money, but hey... you know what they say, "if you ain't cheating, you ain't trying"


Nerds be raging; Dr. Phil episode

This is what source is today.

"just saying shut the fuck up seriously annoying as fuck"
- Sgt. Coffman [1st Recon] [0:1:3140376]

"im bout to fuckin steal ur fuckin steam if u dont stfu for real"
- Mavs My Daddy [0:0:40516555]

Oh boy, they gon steal our steams!


CEVO-P Semi Finals are on Monday

Season 12 for CEVO is about to be wrapped up with some high profile matches this coming week. The semi final round will be played on Monday, July 25th. Team Dynamic and eMg will duke it out and decide who moves forward to the final round to face Cyber Revolution. Both the final and semi final will be played best out of three maps. Team Dynamic already beat eMg once in the upper bracket, but then got beat by Cyber Revolution, so there is an interesting dynamic (no pun inteded) going on here. eMg has its chance to come back at Dynamic, and Dynamic is fighting for a chance to get back at Cyber Revolution. The matches will be epic!

Who will win CEVO-P Semi-Finals?

  • Team Dynamic (85%, 81 Votes)
  • Team eMg (15%, 14 Votes)

Total Voters: 95

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The final will be played on July 28th.


Who is lpkane?


Most ESEA users know lpkane. His real name is Eric Thunberg. He is one of the top admins and an owner of ESEA. He is a full time entrepreneur and part time chump, troll. He has often been criticized for running ESEA in a very unprofessional manner. He part takes in forum trolling and the same behavior carries over to customer support and client relations, which any critic would deem as a bad thing. Since ESEA practically has a monopoly on the North American CS 1.5, CS: Source, and TF2 competitive communities, the organization can do what ever it wants. This has led lpkane to develop a prick attitude towards his customers. He can be frequently caught telling customers to take their business elsewhere if they are not satisfied, etc.

lpkane fanart

Lpkane is a man of many passions. He not only runs a successful gaming league, but also juggles real estate and flies airplanes. You can find out more about his interests on his website, Thunberg Enterprises. Despite owning ESEA and being a big part of the gaming industry, he doesn't have very many hours logged on CS or CS: Source on his steam profile. At the time of writing, he only has about 67 hours logged for both games combined. Despite not having too many hours logged on his steam account, he has been around though. He has a four digit steam account (0:0:2097) that was registered in September 2003. He played some CAL-Open back in 2006.

Lpkane is quite the big shot. He recently bought the Palisades Mill Complex with a $6.5 million mortgage. Read more about it over here. This is what ESEA premium memberships are funding. Not bad for a 26 year old.

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How Team Fortress 2 Revived CS: Source

On June 23rd 2011, Valve announced through Steam that Team Fortress 2 would be switching to a “free to play” platform. Gamers all over the world graciously accepted this change, happy that they could sit AFK in servers and craft hats all day. On the day of the switch June 24th steam simultaneously updated the TF2 page and discounted Counterstrike: Source 50% bringing the price down to $10. Seven days later the steam summer sale started, at which point CSS was discounted an additional 25% bringing the price to $5.

Below is raw data collected from Steam game statistics for the peak usage of Counter Strike: Source.

  • June 23rd - 26,122
  • June 24th - 36,836 *** (TF2 went free this day)
  • June 30th - 45,158
  • July 10th - 49,335
  • July 20th - 55,467

Between June 23rd and July 20th Counterstrike Source Peak usage increased 103%. We can only speculate that most of the users who bought CSS in that time period came to steam to play TF2, but the numbers and dates do not lie. For all those who have repeatedly spouted off about “source being dead” you have been challenged!


Nerd Buster will now give cash rewards for article submissions

In an effort to encourage the community to engage in the Nerd Buster project, we have decided to start paying for articles. It isn't much, but it is something. The goal of Nerd Buster is to provide a fun, entertaining media outlet where the content comes directly from the community. The content will then effectively demonstrate the interests, opinions, and attitudes of the community and not those of a news organization.

Please read and discuss the specifics on the official forum thread, "Nerd Buster Articles 4 Cash $$$"

The amounts that we will can pay for articles isn't much, but if you spend a little time writing two or three articles per month, that will pay for your league fee or premium membership. We hope that this will be appealing to people who would probably write stuff anyway... might as well get paid a few bucks right?

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We were the target of a DDoS attack

Nerd Buster has been down for about 48 hours. Our website became the target of a DDoS attack. The attacker was not the smartest and bragged about his "achievement" in several places.

The Attacker: SmaTTeR
The Group: m4d People

Keep an eye out for this group of nerdgins, they are bored losers that long for ways to make themselves seem important or powerful.

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Battle Empire pulls the plug on their summer tournament; GetGosu folded

Battle Empire announced that they have pulled the plug on their summer series tournament. Apparently not enough people signed up for the event.

"We simply rushed this and the timing with summer vacations may not be too good of an idea and that we will be shelving this idea for later."
Matthew Pietkevich
Business Development, Battle Empire

Battle Empire has had some trouble getting enough sign ups in their other events as well. One of the main complaints in the source ladder has been the lack of players. Sometimes players have to wait "too long" for a match to start because there aren't enough players available. We suspect that since gamers are already paying for ESEA, they aren't interested in paying another monthly fee to play in similar service, despite the monetary incentive that Battle Empire offers. Marketing team, work harder!

"Battle Empire is working on a World of WarCraft League that should see the light of day soon, end of July or early August, as a Beta. Our resources are best spent developing additional game support for our staple platform that pays you to play video games round the clock."
Matthew Pietkevich
Business Development, Battle Empire

GetGosu, another tournament organizer, folded up shop recently. They had also announced new events for the summer, but due to inferior marketing techniques and a poor user interface, "nobody" signed up for it. Their marketing was clearly inferior because if you hop on your team Ventrilo and ask your team mates if they had heard about the GetGosu events, the answer would be an echoing "no."

"And another one gone, and another one gone... Another one bites the dust"

GetGosu should have been hooking up with popular websites such as Legit-Proof to reach a dedicated gamer audience, but it looks like they mainly relied on Google Adwords, which failed them miserably. It doesn't take a rocket scientist or seasoned marketing expert to realize that Google ads probably won't reach your target audience. Competitive gamers are a small group and in order to market your services specific to them, you have to tap in to the channels that reach that group. Fools.

"We've determined that Counter Strike, and really any other FPS run on the PC, cannot achieve a high level of success as an online eSport, because there is too much cheating and no way to stop it."

"With money on-the-line in these tournaments, we wanted to catch the cheaters quickly and with 100% accuracy, but that is simply not possible."

"This means we are most definitely dropping support for all of our current games (CS, CSS, TF2)."

Jordan "carnator" Brock
President of Hit the Sticks, LLC

Read more details about GetGosu's failure at BashAndSlash.