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Battle Empire pulls the plug on their summer tournament; GetGosu folded

Battle Empire announced that they have pulled the plug on their summer series tournament. Apparently not enough people signed up for the event.

"We simply rushed this and the timing with summer vacations may not be too good of an idea and that we will be shelving this idea for later."
Matthew Pietkevich
Business Development, Battle Empire

Battle Empire has had some trouble getting enough sign ups in their other events as well. One of the main complaints in the source ladder has been the lack of players. Sometimes players have to wait "too long" for a match to start because there aren't enough players available. We suspect that since gamers are already paying for ESEA, they aren't interested in paying another monthly fee to play in similar service, despite the monetary incentive that Battle Empire offers. Marketing team, work harder!

"Battle Empire is working on a World of WarCraft League that should see the light of day soon, end of July or early August, as a Beta. Our resources are best spent developing additional game support for our staple platform that pays you to play video games round the clock."
Matthew Pietkevich
Business Development, Battle Empire

GetGosu, another tournament organizer, folded up shop recently. They had also announced new events for the summer, but due to inferior marketing techniques and a poor user interface, "nobody" signed up for it. Their marketing was clearly inferior because if you hop on your team Ventrilo and ask your team mates if they had heard about the GetGosu events, the answer would be an echoing "no."

"And another one gone, and another one gone... Another one bites the dust"

GetGosu should have been hooking up with popular websites such as Legit-Proof to reach a dedicated gamer audience, but it looks like they mainly relied on Google Adwords, which failed them miserably. It doesn't take a rocket scientist or seasoned marketing expert to realize that Google ads probably won't reach your target audience. Competitive gamers are a small group and in order to market your services specific to them, you have to tap in to the channels that reach that group. Fools.

"We've determined that Counter Strike, and really any other FPS run on the PC, cannot achieve a high level of success as an online eSport, because there is too much cheating and no way to stop it."

"With money on-the-line in these tournaments, we wanted to catch the cheaters quickly and with 100% accuracy, but that is simply not possible."

"This means we are most definitely dropping support for all of our current games (CS, CSS, TF2)."

Jordan "carnator" Brock
President of Hit the Sticks, LLC

Read more details about GetGosu's failure at BashAndSlash.

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