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Nerd Buster will now give cash rewards for article submissions

In an effort to encourage the community to engage in the Nerd Buster project, we have decided to start paying for articles. It isn't much, but it is something. The goal of Nerd Buster is to provide a fun, entertaining media outlet where the content comes directly from the community. The content will then effectively demonstrate the interests, opinions, and attitudes of the community and not those of a news organization.

Please read and discuss the specifics on the official forum thread, "Nerd Buster Articles 4 Cash $$$"

The amounts that we will can pay for articles isn't much, but if you spend a little time writing two or three articles per month, that will pay for your league fee or premium membership. We hope that this will be appealing to people who would probably write stuff anyway... might as well get paid a few bucks right?

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