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Who is lpkane?


Most ESEA users know lpkane. His real name is Eric Thunberg. He is one of the top admins and an owner of ESEA. He is a full time entrepreneur and part time chump, troll. He has often been criticized for running ESEA in a very unprofessional manner. He part takes in forum trolling and the same behavior carries over to customer support and client relations, which any critic would deem as a bad thing. Since ESEA practically has a monopoly on the North American CS 1.5, CS: Source, and TF2 competitive communities, the organization can do what ever it wants. This has led lpkane to develop a prick attitude towards his customers. He can be frequently caught telling customers to take their business elsewhere if they are not satisfied, etc.

lpkane fanart

Lpkane is a man of many passions. He not only runs a successful gaming league, but also juggles real estate and flies airplanes. You can find out more about his interests on his website, Thunberg Enterprises. Despite owning ESEA and being a big part of the gaming industry, he doesn't have very many hours logged on CS or CS: Source on his steam profile. At the time of writing, he only has about 67 hours logged for both games combined. Despite not having too many hours logged on his steam account, he has been around though. He has a four digit steam account (0:0:2097) that was registered in September 2003. He played some CAL-Open back in 2006.

Lpkane is quite the big shot. He recently bought the Palisades Mill Complex with a $6.5 million mortgage. Read more about it over here. This is what ESEA premium memberships are funding. Not bad for a 26 year old.

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  1. Sounds to me like jealousy.

  2. I agree with cu…. Its funny how you bash someone for going out and accomplishing something great in their life lol, and spending the money that they make, who gives a shit how and where he spends his money. If I made that kind of money I wouldnt even play a video game. There is more to life then just being a troll and playing video games.

    • Indeed, jealousy radiates from this post; however, it does reveal some information about lpkane and what the mastermind behind ESEA is up to. Eric is doing great things!

      Nerd Buster posts tend to have some strong attitude injected in them, but hopefully with the new “incentive” program for writers, we can encourage some more objective and *oh my god* positive posts.

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