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Does ESEA not care?

Many ESEA subscribers have come to ask themselves, "Does ESEA not care?" When dealing with ESEA's support and especially ban related inquiries, most come to be baffled at the arrogance of the staff or simply get ignored. Granted a lot of ban inquiries for example are from kids who cheated and try to pull the "my brother got on my account" excuse, but that does not excuse ESEA from properly handling requests from paying customers.

Case Study

Kevin (-Bruce) was playing in a pug with a ESEA-Invite kid(maxkap) who roster rides for Fighting Irish. He was destroying kids like normal and then left half way through the match, if you watch the demo, someone claims that bruce is cheating and at the last round where before bruce leaves he gets pz'd when he's rushing B and the kid that killed him said "He's deffinantly not cheating, he didn't even see me coming." After he leaves the match the ESEA-Invite kid says "lol ragequit" Anyway the day after the pug bruce is banned without warning. It states on his ESEA page that he's banned untill Feburary of 2012 for "Ban Evasion."

Bruce goes on to e-mail one of the ESEA admins (presumably BIGG) and asks them why he's banned for Ban Evasion. They tell Kevin that "You where banned because your other account "l0s" has been banned previously for cheating/ban evasion." Kevin is stuck completely confused because he is not L0s at all. L0s happens to be one of the team-mates on his Cevo-Main roster who was banned from ESEA a while ago for Cheating and Ban Evasion.

Carlos AKA L0s

There are several match videos from CEVO that ESEA could have easily requested to verify that L0s and Bruce (Kevin) are not the same person. Bruce also requested that ESEA look at their IP's, the places where they live, and pull up previous demos of L0s talking in game and Bruce talking in game and they would obviously realise that they are not the same people. That was about 4 days ago and since the first e-mail Bruce still hasn't heard anything back from the notorious BiGG. Bruce has been DENIED from a service that he is paying for, for almost a week now and is becoming quite frusterated. = Kevin AKA Bruce- = Carlos

These guys are not the same person. It doesn't take an FBI investigator to figure that one out. They have two completely different team histories and have clearly been playing for a while.

Carlos has been playing since 2006 with STEAM_0:0:293810.
Kevin has been playing since 2008 with STEAM_0:0:66828.

End of Case Study.

See the earlier Nerd Buster post titled "ESEA’s customer service representative calls a paying customer an impatient douche" for a poll about what people think about ESEA's customer service.


Todd Williams (Anger) from Dynamic is an Addict and Scumbag

Todd "Anger" Williams

First off, I (anonymous) thought he was a cheater but ended up finding out through the Nerdbuster Investigation team that Todd Williams is a straight up scumbag. He meets girls and lures them to LANs events that he goes to. He uses them and then kicks them to the curb. He is also a drug addict hooked on Oxycontin. This is the guy that online kids idolize? A drug addicted gamer who whores around and pops really cool. Nice to know that Team Dynamic has a featured star on their team.

Happy reading lawl.

NB Informant: Oh Todd
NB Informant: hai there
anger: hey
anger: what's up?
NB Informant: nothing really
NB Informant: so how many girls are you whoring yourself out for?
anger: not too many now...prob like 4
NB Informant: oh really? What happened to that one girl you went to ESEA LAN with? And why so many girls? Why are you leading them all on?
anger: Oh I kicked her to the curve. because its fun.
NB Informant: why? and messing with people is fucked up tyvm
NB Informant: and wasn't it..ugh forgot her name..esea lan girl..
anger: yeah it was that one I went to ESEA LAN with. She was fucking psycho.
NB Informant: Ahh yeah I remember her. And you're not much better on the psycho status. Anyway...still popping the pills?
anger: yeah I am
NB Informant: Wasn't it oxycontin?
anger: yup. I need them. It hurts when I dont have them
NB Informant: That's no good. So when are you going to get help?
anger: prob never
NB Informant: hmm.
NB Informant: sooo how many do you take now
anger: prob like 2-3 a day
NB Informant: wow a bit much?
NB Informant: fucking retard.

Leakin' and Bustin' ... keep fragging people!


CS: Global Offensive Gameplay Trailer

We might have gotten hyped up over nothing. After seeing the CS:GO gameplay trailer, it looks like a Call of Duty that will be cool for two weeks and then die off. Since the game is mainly being built for consoles, we can assume that the physics, controls, and recoil will be dumbed down so that console kids will be able to hit something with their thumbsticks. Don't hold your breath for awesomeness...


RNK is a liar, cheater, and downright pathetic

RNK is a habitual liar. Hailing from West Virginia, RNK spends his time posing as an "ex-professional" gamer who played on 50. Calibre CEVO-P 1.6 team. He claims that he has his league experience proof on STEAM_0:1:13227918 but that it was stolen at one point in time. The interesting thing is that RNK never mentions playing with any other professional team. He only mentions 50. Calibre Gaming.

RNK uses or has used the following steam accounts: STEAM_0:1:13227918, STEAM_ 0:1:331714, STEAM_0:1:27529749, STEAM_0:0:27690032, STEAM_0:1:19942814

After a little digging, it turns out that STEAM_0:1:13227918 is associated with a player named Robert "Ph0bius" Irey who played for 50. Calibre Gaming during Season 5 in 2007. Gotfrag has an article from back in the day that mentions Ph0bius getting picked up by EG.usa for their CS: Source team. Interestingly enough, RNK never mentions any proof from other top teams. There is no way that RNK can be a professional gamer one moment, get his account stolen and then have the thief continue using his name while playing for Evil Geniuses.

RNK claims that the name Robert Irey was a fake name that he played with back then. Today he plays with his another name. After a little consultation with a long time friend of RNK, a 14-year old player named m0h, some interesting things came up.

m0h said that Robert Irey is RNK's brother and that RNK had his account at one point. Naturally the next step was to scout social networking sites trying to locate the brothers on the same page. RNK's MySpace account was not hard to find. On his MySpace account, RNK had a couple pictures that did in fact feature his brother, but when cross referenced with the pictures of Ph0bius on Gotfrag, it became clear that the "brother" was in fact not Ph0bius. RNK is a poser.

On June 28th, 2011 at 10:28 PM, RNK posted on ESEA forums looking for a team. The funny thing is that he didn't mention any of his professional proof and besides, why would an ex-EG player be looking for a team on forums. This guy is a nobody. RNK knows that his lies don't stand straight when put to the test so he probably didn't have the balls to claim to be pro on public forums, but in private discussions and on Ventirlo he will be the best player to ever touch source with pro proof from the 1.6 days.

Not only is RNK a poser, he is also a cheater. On multiple occasions he has slipped in Ventrilo confessing to cheats. He has openly confessed to have played on a cheating team. Supposedly he has a $9/mo subscription to Simplex hack. If confessing and priding himself with using cheats wasn't enough, he also associates with other cheaters. His long time friend, m0h, is a known cheater despite the fact that he claims that it's all in his past now, but we all know: "once a cheater, always a cheater."

RNK also associates with a recently more known hacker, FR3SCOBAR. FR3SCOBAR is a known cheater, griefer, and low life that even goes as far as to publicly post videos of him cheating in pubs, leagues, and even on-client.

The web of lies and cheats is more tangled than one might think. FR3SCOBAR actually sponsors RNK's current team with a CS: Source server! FR3SCOBAR knows that RNK cheats and he says that he doesn't mind sponsoring a team with cheaters on it as long as it didn't happen in ESEA or CEVO because they have AC clients. Not a surprising response… FR3SCOBAR is known to steal steam accounts and get them banned one way or another.

RNK has boasted in Ventrilo about purchasing steam accounts with games loaded on them for only one dollar! When asked if they were stolen the answer was "obviously" no. RNK said that the retailers bought them in bulk and sold them cheap. Bad excuse… anyone with common sense and better judgement can tell that those accounts are stolen and acquired through illegitimate means. The fact that RNK surrounds himself with low lives, liars, cheaters, and complete idiots shows you the quality of life this guy enjoys.

The lesson in all of this is that RNK and everyone he surrounds himself with are NOT to be trusted. They are known for lying, manipulating, cheating, stealing, and downright maliciousness. Everyone is advised to stay clear of these kids and not even speaking to them about anything. Most importantly, do not join any steam group where these guys are admins. The way that these scum bags get other people's accounts banned is that they lure you in to their steam groups, then make the content on the group page pornographic and offensive, make you the group admin, leave the group themselves, and then report the group to steam moderators. This leads to your account getting banned for violation of the terms of service. Watch out!

PS. This article was not really necessary to determine that RNK is a poser. The kid is 17 years old and he clearly didn't play for Evil Geniuses and/or 50 Calibre Gaming when he was 12 years old.


CS: Promod is practically dead

CS: Promod

First of all, when was it alive to begin with? The project has yielded nothing but several unplayable beta versions that were just disappointments to the community. Sure some small leagues adopted the game to some extent but everyone knew that this wasn't gonna be the next best thing to hit the CS community. You don't hear anybody talking about CS: Promod anymore. Recently, Cashed left the CSP project and now Alba has parted ways as well. You can read his farewell letter on the CSP Forums. This pretty much signals the inevitable death of CS: Promod. Don't hold your breath for the next version.

The announcement of CS: Global Offensive was probably pretty discouraging for the CSP developers. Surely they could not out best Valve's developers with a volunteer crew that hasn't been able to yield releasable version of CSP in half a decade. Let's hope that CS: GO is not just a Condition Zero for Source.

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Top 3 Gaming Communities

Interested in joining a decent gaming community and finding good servers to play in? Check out the Top 3 Gaming Communities. These gaming communities stand out from every other with a large amount of servers and community base that any n00b could feast their eyes on.



1. HellsGamers

A large community with great Council and Staff members monitoring the site and all servers. I give this community #1. With over 50 servers from Counter Strike: Source, Team Fortress 2, DoD and Gmod you will never be bored. The website has great support for any who want to be unbanned, banned requests, and just a general chat with community members. Also they have events which feature any of the above games. Servers also have 10 man scrims as well.

Also HellsGamers has their own CS:S ESEA Open team who is currently 10-4-0.



2. NoobGalore

Listed as #2 on the NB list. This communities servers are always full. Also was featured in PC's magazine in 2010 for Best Gaming Server (24/7 Office N00b Hideout).
Another big gaming community with people online pretty much 24/7. A fun feature about this community is that there are night where the Admin will do Battlegrounds. Good times.



3. EdgeGamers

Mature Gaming community. Lots of fun No AWP friendly servers and no cussing policy in all servers as well. This community gets #3. With a wide variety of games and servers such as WoW, TF2, Minecraft, console games, EVE, COD, etc. Edge Gamers has friendly members and had teams that were in previous leagues.


Eh-_^plus went to jail for a 1v12 brawl

Eh-_^plus and Bellarose

Eh-_^plus (0:1:585996) who previously played for Blight.Everki and Devastation has once again been to jail. The cops probably know him by name by now since this definitely wasn't his first time that this bad ass has been arrested. Eh-_^plus started swinging after a group of twelve guys started disrespecting his fiance, Bellarose (0:0:39144729), at a bar. While the intent was chivalrous, it was actually quite stupid, but this is clearly what distinguishes bad asses from four-eyed, hot pocket eating nerdlings.


From evidence provided to Nerd Buster, Bellarose probably ended up "giving some" to Eh-_^plus after this feat as she was probably pretty emotional after this grand display of heroics. Assuming the hormones didn't settle after the adrenaline faded away and she picked up Eh-_^plus at the police station. Despite the fight being a one vs twelve, Eh-_^plus was the only one to go to jail because he threw the first punch. None of the other guys were arrested but one of them did get hospitalized. Better go rent Snatch and learn from Brad Pitt's moves how to one-hit punks in RL and send more on their way next time!

Eh-_^plus prides himself with having taught his fiance to play CS: Source. He doesn't play competitively himself in leagues, but is more focused on managing teams and handling sponsorships and other relations. He was recently managing Cynosure in CEVO-Main but the team folded after it had a drama fest. There is no word of what Eh-_^plus will tackle next, other than more studs at a bar.

Read more about Eh-_^plus' adventures in the following articles.


ESEA’s customer service representative calls a paying customer an impatient douche

BiGG got caught once again spearheading ESEA's customer support in to a better interesting direction. Turd_Burglar (0:1:7711438) was banned for ghosting because he was playing in a pug with some nerd that got upset and whined to his ESEA admin buddy and claimed that turd was ghosting because at one point turd said in-game "blind hellen keller mid." Turd was banned promptly and the demo for the pug was disabled on the ESEA website, meaning that it could not be downloaded anymore. Then started the email wars.

ESEA has an F-Rating from BBB

Turd appealed his ban by asking that the demo be reviewed and said that the admins could confirm that he was not running any VoIP software and his in-game voice was also disabled. ESEA did not reply for over 24 hours. After Turd sent several more emails trying to follow up on the matter, BiGG finally replied by saying, "Informing the opposing team where your teammate is or is going is a form of ghosting and I see no reason to remove your ban." Turd was baffled as he did nothing of the sort. The quote, "[04:54:21] <ESEAServ> Turd_Burglar: blind helen keller mid," was taken way out of context which Turd went on to explain to BiGG.

"you have this mixed up  "Turd_Burglar: blind helen keller mid". This is beyond retarded bigg. I made that comment to a member of the opossing team that I killed after rushing double doors mid on d2. As I flashed doors and ran through a CT was blind in the smoke allowing me to run mid and kill a guy in the back b. He then asked after I died where I came from. I awnsered "blind helen keller mid" meaning I blinded his teamate and then killed him without knowing it. I was not at all refering to anyone on my team and if you watch the demo you will see it was taken out of context. PLEASE RESPOND ASAP."
- Turd_Burglar


ESEA again didn't reply for almost 24 hours. By this time Turd had been wrongfully banned and denied service for over 48 hours. He had gotten angry and frustrated and sent a couple angry emails expressing his insatisfaction. After some time, BiGG finally replied by saying, "Had you not been an impatient douche, I might be removing your ban right now. Instead, you can enjoy your vacation." Turd went on to complain about poor service and the inability to correct a mistake, but then BiGG essentially admits that the ghosting ban was a mistake and then goes on a power trip and bans Turd for disrespecting an admin.

"Here's the thing. If I were to remove your ghosting ban, I'd just be banning you again for disrespecting an administrator for 1. Spamming my email and being impatient, 2. Insulting me, and 3. Maintaining that I should be "professional", when you yourself have not been so. Treat others the way you wish to be treated, be PATIENT, and mistakes can be corrected. Send me 10 emails over the course of 24 hours, call me a "fucktard", and a "fat nerd", and mistakes may not be corrected. That's how I operate, if you want to be treated like an adult, act like one. Until then, since your ghosting ban is indeed a mistake, I'll remove it, and replace it with a disrespecting an administrator ban. Sounds fair to me."

Turd is now "enjoying" his "vacation" until Tuesday.

"This user is currently banned until 8/16/2011 at 10:54pm for Disrespecting an Admin (1st)."

Granted both parties acted in a poor manner, but it doesn't change the fact that from a business relations stand point ESEA's customer service should've done better whether or not their customer was angry and the issue got heated. For example, have you ever called your internet service provider and gotten upset on the phone because their incompetent support technicians have no clue about whats going on and walk you through the generic "unplug and reconnect" routine? The techs are pretty good at staying cool and in fact if you get upset, sometimes you might score some credits on your account for being an unsatisfied customer! In ESEA, if you are wrongfully banned and get mad at BiGG, he will ban you for even longer and you can forget about a refund. Awesomeness.

Have you had bad experiences with ESEA's customer support?

View Results

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A new version of CS is coming! Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

The rumors have been floating around for a while now, but it has now been confirmed by Valve that a new version of Counter-Strike is in deed on the way. Rumors started floating around when Valve flew several American and European players to their headquarters recently to play-test the new game. ESEA's Torbul has also been working closely with Valve to make this thing happen. Good job buddy, CS needs this!

ESEA's Craig Levine at Valve headquarters

The goal of CS: GO is not only to target the existing competitive communities but to bring in a huge amount of new players as well as unite the CS 1.6 and Source communities. They are planning to achieve this by releasing the game on multiple different platforms including PS3, XBOX 360, PC, and MAC. CS: GO has the potential to make North American competitive gaming move in the right direction... one step closer to mainstream!

Are you getting excited yet?

"Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS: GO) will expand upon the team-based action gameplay that it pioneered when it was launched 12 years ago.

CS: GO features new maps, characters, and weapons and delivers updated versions of the classic CS content (de_dust, etc.). In addition, CS: GO will introduce new gameplay modes, matchmaking, leader boards, and more." - Valve

Read more about the game on the official Steam page.


oMavrick is a poser; swing that emo-cut to the side and finish Highschool boy!

Here we have another sad example of what gaming has come to these days. Nerds are lying about who they are and pretend to be top dogs, talking smack, and bottom fragging scrims with their assumed pro-status. Sgt. Coffman recently busted oMavrick, who pretended to be MLG Pro with Check-Six. Sgt. Coffman had this message, "I got news for these people, I'm busting you every chance I get." Read on to "lol" at Sgt. Coffman's bust of oMavrick.


Major League Gaming (MLG) is a very well known gaming community that spans many platforms and even has a Pro Gaming circuit for COD (Call of Duty for the Noobs). Over the past year or so I (Sgt. Coffman) have been in contact with an individual (oMavrick) that had been claiming he was MLG Pro which is fine and dandy if you are or you're just saying it for the luls every once in a while, but he went to the next step. He Decided he would brag that he is apart of a very well known PS3 COD Team on MLG known as #Check-Six also #x6. The guy consistently bottom fragged our Source scrims and didn't even have his ping under control. If he was really MLG Pro, you'd think he at least had proper internet. He also talked a mean game as if he knew something... pathetic.

I decided to take it upon myself to investigate this and checked on the #Check-Six website for their roster which in deed had the person he was claiming to be but the problem was that the profile had no information, so I sent a message to the managing director of the team and requested a roster check. Since they are MLG Pro and are receiving money, they are required to submit a legal name to MLG and their directors.

Curt, the managing director of Check-Six, confirmed that Mavrick the poser was not on the roster.

Email exchange between Sgt. Coffman and Curt from Check-Six

The following is a chat log between Sgt. Coffman and Mavrick (the poser).


Zooming in on FR3SCOBAR; E-Thug from Brooklyn


FR3SCOBAR is a known troll and hacker who ruins scrims here and there when he decides to toggle on like a boss. He actually has an account on Hack Forums where he probably gets all his "oh-so-leet" hacking skills. The guy talks mad shit like he was from another planet with FTL (Faster Than Light) travel capabilities.


One of our investigators looked in to this guy and it turns out that he isn't anything to get excited about. FR3SCOBAR runs a silly little "studio" called Xenox Films. Xenox Films is about photography and recording/editing videos. Most of the material is either photographs of "gangsta shit" or recordings of live concerts, etc. It is not surprising that he acts a thug because he is in fact from Brooklyn and that clearly makes him all that. Take a look at his living quarters in the picture.

Considering FR3SCOBAR's cheating career, it is not surprising that he has zero proof on his steam account (STEAM_0:0:608347) and he is in fact banned from ESEA for five years. Watch out for this lurking cheater. The word on the street is that he has also been associated with some of the recent DDoS attacks.


We will rise and rise again

The Nerd Buster website has been down since Saturday when it became the target of yet another DDoS attack. Today the website continued to be down because the datacenter where it was hosted had a major power outage, but now we are back up.

The suspected group of nerds behind this DDoS attack include Christina and Kalab. The same group of nerds DDoS'ed Nerd Buster a month ago and have since been featured embarrassed in a couple articles. Read more on them in the following posts.

These guys are super mad. They abandoned their own steam group, changed their steam profile names, made their profiles private, and have attempted to fall off the radar. Now they are trying to launch attacks from the shadows. Nerds can attack our website all they want, but we will be back every time... BRING IT!

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