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ESEA’s customer service representative calls a paying customer an impatient douche

BiGG got caught once again spearheading ESEA's customer support in to a better interesting direction. Turd_Burglar (0:1:7711438) was banned for ghosting because he was playing in a pug with some nerd that got upset and whined to his ESEA admin buddy and claimed that turd was ghosting because at one point turd said in-game "blind hellen keller mid." Turd was banned promptly and the demo for the pug was disabled on the ESEA website, meaning that it could not be downloaded anymore. Then started the email wars.

ESEA has an F-Rating from BBB

Turd appealed his ban by asking that the demo be reviewed and said that the admins could confirm that he was not running any VoIP software and his in-game voice was also disabled. ESEA did not reply for over 24 hours. After Turd sent several more emails trying to follow up on the matter, BiGG finally replied by saying, "Informing the opposing team where your teammate is or is going is a form of ghosting and I see no reason to remove your ban." Turd was baffled as he did nothing of the sort. The quote, "[04:54:21] <ESEAServ> Turd_Burglar: blind helen keller mid," was taken way out of context which Turd went on to explain to BiGG.

"you have this mixed upĀ  "Turd_Burglar: blind helen keller mid". This is beyond retarded bigg. I made that comment to a member of the opossing team that I killed after rushing double doors mid on d2. As I flashed doors and ran through a CT was blind in the smoke allowing me to run mid and kill a guy in the back b. He then asked after I died where I came from. I awnsered "blind helen keller mid" meaning I blinded his teamate and then killed him without knowing it. I was not at all refering to anyone on my team and if you watch the demo you will see it was taken out of context. PLEASE RESPOND ASAP."
- Turd_Burglar


ESEA again didn't reply for almost 24 hours. By this time Turd had been wrongfully banned and denied service for over 48 hours. He had gotten angry and frustrated and sent a couple angry emails expressing his insatisfaction. After some time, BiGG finally replied by saying, "Had you not been an impatient douche, I might be removing your ban right now. Instead, you can enjoy your vacation." Turd went on to complain about poor service and the inability to correct a mistake, but then BiGG essentially admits that the ghosting ban was a mistake and then goes on a power trip and bans Turd for disrespecting an admin.

"Here's the thing. If I were to remove your ghosting ban, I'd just be banning you again for disrespecting an administrator for 1. Spamming my email and being impatient, 2. Insulting me, and 3. Maintaining that I should be "professional", when you yourself have not been so. Treat others the way you wish to be treated, be PATIENT, and mistakes can be corrected. Send me 10 emails over the course of 24 hours, call me a "fucktard", and a "fat nerd", and mistakes may not be corrected. That's how I operate, if you want to be treated like an adult, act like one. Until then, since your ghosting ban is indeed a mistake, I'll remove it, and replace it with a disrespecting an administrator ban. Sounds fair to me."

Turd is now "enjoying" his "vacation" until Tuesday.

"This user is currently banned until 8/16/2011 at 10:54pm for Disrespecting an Admin (1st)."

Granted both parties acted in a poor manner, but it doesn't change the fact that from a business relations stand point ESEA's customer service should've done better whether or not their customer was angry and the issue got heated. For example, have you ever called your internet service provider and gotten upset on the phone because their incompetent support technicians have no clue about whats going on and walk you through the generic "unplug and reconnect" routine? The techs are pretty good at staying cool and in fact if you get upset, sometimes you might score some credits on your account for being an unsatisfied customer! In ESEA, if you are wrongfully banned and get mad at BiGG, he will ban you for even longer and you can forget about a refund. Awesomeness.

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  1. I have had so many bad experiences with esea that I can’t count them anymore. I even think french canadians are threated even worse for some reasons ><, this could be a good article subject to follow this one.

  2. Not surprising. ESEA has been known for years to have horrible customer service and support. That is why I prefer the instant support CEVO has to offer over anything else…atleast 99% of the time if I have a problem it get solved pretty quick

  3. ESEA’s support may not be the best, but BiGG certainly handled this in the correct way. I’m glad ESEA keeps scum like this out of our servers, and I’m sure all of you disagree because most of you are on the ban-list.

  4. I got banned right after paying for a subscription and I havent played a single match and the REason I got banned was Suspected of Cheating.How is this even possible If I havent played a single game? Took over 3 days to get the answer from biGG was Cheating bans cannot be disputed and your ban will not be removed until it has expired. We do not release evidence pertaining to any ban.

    Expired in 1 years so yea I worked on my own to change my IP anad pay a new sub waiting for BBB New york to complete my complain about this buisness to get my money back, And I havent got banned on my new account and Ip yet

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