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Todd Williams (Anger) from Dynamic is an Addict and Scumbag

Todd "Anger" Williams

First off, I (anonymous) thought he was a cheater but ended up finding out through the Nerdbuster Investigation team that Todd Williams is a straight up scumbag. He meets girls and lures them to LANs events that he goes to. He uses them and then kicks them to the curb. He is also a drug addict hooked on Oxycontin. This is the guy that online kids idolize? A drug addicted gamer who whores around and pops really cool. Nice to know that Team Dynamic has a featured star on their team.

Happy reading lawl.

NB Informant: Oh Todd
NB Informant: hai there
anger: hey
anger: what's up?
NB Informant: nothing really
NB Informant: so how many girls are you whoring yourself out for?
anger: not too many now...prob like 4
NB Informant: oh really? What happened to that one girl you went to ESEA LAN with? And why so many girls? Why are you leading them all on?
anger: Oh I kicked her to the curve. because its fun.
NB Informant: why? and messing with people is fucked up tyvm
NB Informant: and wasn't it..ugh forgot her name..esea lan girl..
anger: yeah it was that one I went to ESEA LAN with. She was fucking psycho.
NB Informant: Ahh yeah I remember her. And you're not much better on the psycho status. Anyway...still popping the pills?
anger: yeah I am
NB Informant: Wasn't it oxycontin?
anger: yup. I need them. It hurts when I dont have them
NB Informant: That's no good. So when are you going to get help?
anger: prob never
NB Informant: hmm.
NB Informant: sooo how many do you take now
anger: prob like 2-3 a day
NB Informant: wow a bit much?
NB Informant: fucking retard.

Leakin' and Bustin' ... keep fragging people!

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  1. honestly 2-3 isn’t a huge problem, if he was taking more than 6 a day i’d call him an addict.

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