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Anger from Team Dynamic goes to the doctor

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  1. Might be one of the most retarded “articles” I have ever seen.


    • It was published as “fan art.”

      It should be noted that the articles and pictures published on this website do not reflect the official opinion of the Nerd Buster organization and/or the individuals operating this website.

      All content is user/reader submitted and published as such. This fan-art piece was published with the premise and assumption that since one person found it funny enough to submit this to us, one or more individuals in our reader base would also find it amusing.


      suL: dont complain, contribute :)

  2. Is this funny to anyone….?

  3. Anger is a fuck tard and total douche.

    But this isn’t funny at all, this is some shit a 12 year old who secretly hates someone else would make and put on his wall.

    This isn’t even remotely funny, fail troll.

  4. I understand NB posting fan art but i feel this is something that should not be on front page. Maybe make a section for fan art but not publish on front page. This is lame and degrading more to this website then anger.

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