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ForbiddeN banned from ESEA for making a Youtube video; entire team kicked out of invite

GeT BooZeD Up!

The entire ForbiddeN team was banned for 150 days by lpkane after the recent ESEA LAN for posting a Youtube video. That's right, apparently ESEA bans players for activities outside of their own realm. One ESEA premium member got handed a ban for the incident and he did not even play at the LAN event.

So what was in the video that caused all the fuzz?

The video featured an underage kid consuming liquor at a hotel near the ESEA LAN.

The sorry sob who made the video and published it on Youtube was sleeping when his team mates were trying to wake him up and have him take it off the internet, but his phone was on silent and he didn't wake up. ESEA admins saw the video and banned the entire team. The video has since been removed. Not only did the team get banned, they got demoted from Invite to just a scrim team and now they can't play this season. The kid made an apology video on Youtube, but it didn't help and he took that down as well.

Granted ESEA is just showing that they do not condone underage drinking by banning the players for posting the Youtube video, but it sure seems like an excuse to extend authority and stroke that e-peenor. This is very similar to the case where the owner of Nerd Buster was banned for five years from ESEA just for owning a website that published articles that criticized ESEA's conduct.

Anyone gonna call the police and sue somebody for giving alcohol to minors?

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  1. I respect and agree with ESEA’s decision not to condone some form of illegal, activity, butI’m not sure that banning someone will actually teach them a lesson (which should be the main goal as I see it).

  2. pretty sure if the esea name, logo, etc. were not mentioned, they would have not been banned.

  3. I am just dissapointed with ESEA’s customer support email.

    Shame on them.

  4. I didn’t see the video but if the kids posted it in the first place they should be slapped. Why do people not understand that illegal stuff should not be posted on the internet in any way/shape/form. Glad these kids got punished not sure if ESEA had to go to that degree expect i think they were making an example out of them, which sucks for the kids.

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