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Profiling a DDoS attacker: SmatteR

We identified the person responsible for at least one DDoS attack on Nerd Buster as Kalab Parker aka SmatteR. You can read more about him in our previous articles. We thought that since an anonymous tipster was kind enough to donate some fan art, we might as well post it as a tribute. SmatteR must be a troubled boy who probably doesn't feel like he belongs, so he hides behind his computer and "rages" people on the internet by trolling and DDoS'ing, but all he really wants is attention and to find his place in the world. Kalab, you do belong. With love, Nerd Buster Team.

"Never say never... We'll DDoS you together..."

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  1. “not a banana: u know he [SmatteR] hasnt even been ddos’n u recently lmfao”

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