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The eMg gaming organization dissolves as a TF2 sponsor

It has been announced that the eMg gaming organization will no longer sponsor TF2 teams. Finally! It wasn't long ago that eMg shafted their CS: Source squad by not paying their mandatory sponsorship league fee to ESEA and then continued to keep players hostage on their team by invoking a contract that was written after the fact with some bullshit resembling a non-compete clause not allowing players to quit and swap teams mid season. CEVO ended up having to pay their fees in an effort to keep the scene alive. You can read up on Celone's comments on the matter in "CEVO|Celone comments on ESEA’s ridiculous league fee demands"

The TF2 community is better off without eMg fucking things up, hands down. At first some of you might think that "oh no! another sponsor gone..." but do not be saddened... eMg is a cancer and it just got chemo'd

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