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ECO Anti-Cheat Leaked (v1.2 Alpha)

The ECO Anti-Cheat source code has once again leaked. ECO shut down a while back because they couldn't keep their act together. Now they have been working behind the scenes to try and relaunch the league. This leak surely comes as a set back for the organization.

The code behind this ground breaking subpar Anti-Cheat client is ridiculous... just like with the last one before the league failed the first time.

The leaked source code is available on pastebin:


Leaked ForbiddeN video! The clips that cost the team their invite spot

That's right ladies and gentlemen, the wonderful and loyal Nerd Buster audience does it again. An anonymous source has leaked the original, high quality material that was posted briefly on Youtube by ForbiddeN. This is the material that got the team demoted from ESEA Invite to just a scrim team. We are publishing this video for learning and informational purposes, so that nobody else has to suffer the fate of ForbiddeN.

It is sad that what was seemingly a good time, ended up causing so much grief. Why did only ForbiddeN get kicked out of Invite? Who knows...

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