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ECO Anti-Cheat Leaked (v1.2 Alpha)

The ECO Anti-Cheat source code has once again leaked. ECO shut down a while back because they couldn't keep their act together. Now they have been working behind the scenes to try and relaunch the league. This leak surely comes as a set back for the organization.

The code behind this ground breaking subpar Anti-Cheat client is ridiculous... just like with the last one before the league failed the first time.

The leaked source code is available on pastebin:

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  1. If it catches cheaters, then it catches cheaters.

  2. There’s a lot of useless junk in there that has nothing to do with catching cheaters, but at least there is more going into it this time around. I’m glad eCo is doing things from the shadows instead of running tournaments while simultaneously building everything from the ground up, however there is a chance that this has nothing to do with eco and that they’re only trying to spark an interest in the source-community.


    Your information is from 2009. Good job posting old shit. This was leaked by Ivey after he first hacked the site. The code has been updated many times since. Only one person owns the whole code, and it’s stored on his home computer.

  4. ummmm, youre a tad late. thats the code ivey stole, and then was subsequently rewrote and made less suck. thanks for playing though :)

  5. To the asshats saying this code was cracked in 2009, you’re dead wrong, if you learn how to fucking count, you’d notice the difference in the two AC’s is over 800 fucking lines of code.

  6. mmmm even if this wasnt that code, its still more or less the same. this is code that is super old and wasnt even in the last 3 versions of the acs. get your facts straight. if you want the actual, most recent code, feel free to take it from the harddrive thats sitting in my closet. and you can tell that this code is super effing old because it doesn’t have any easter eggs. the version that was released next after the hacking had the picture of lopez’s face as an easter egg. this code doesnt have it.

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