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Leaked ForbiddeN video! The clips that cost the team their invite spot

That's right ladies and gentlemen, the wonderful and loyal Nerd Buster audience does it again. An anonymous source has leaked the original, high quality material that was posted briefly on Youtube by ForbiddeN. This is the material that got the team demoted from ESEA Invite to just a scrim team. We are publishing this video for learning and informational purposes, so that nobody else has to suffer the fate of ForbiddeN.

It is sad that what was seemingly a good time, ended up causing so much grief. Why did only ForbiddeN get kicked out of Invite? Who knows...

Read more in our previous article, "ForbiddeN banned from ESEA for making a Youtube video; entire team kicked out of invite"

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  1. It seems to me I just watch 19mins of teenagers and young adults LIVING life and having a good time without hurting/bothering anyone. No direct mentions, references or even the ESEA logo appears inside these videos…so why did ESEA do what they did? Seems to me like they want to police world and are not only showing how corrupt they truly are, it seems anyone involved in their top tier leagues needs to have no social life as well, except to sit in front of a monitor and play their referenced game and pay them money.

    ESEA = a bunch of corrupt whinny bitches on a power trip, kthx

    • ESEA had a right to get mad about these videos. Yes, there was no harm in them as most people these ages drink and other stuff, but they were at an ESEA hosted event. It looks very bad on ESEA to have this stuff go on and BE in the public eye. I have heard of crazy ass shit happening behind closed doors at many lans, but the people were not stupid enough to post that shit on the internet. I tell people all the time not to be a facebook whore and post everything on facebook. This is the same situation, just because you have the video does not mean it needs to go onto the internet (youtube) for everyone including ESEA owners to see.

  2. So let us say I went on a business trip to Vegas and decided to get a prostitute and film it and it gets posted online…should I be terminated from employment? I am in Vegas on business and use the FREE time I have there to enjoy myself persay…should I be punished? It is not like they took the companys limo or by god lpkanes jet for a joyride…this is straight up retarded, their time, their business, end of story

  3. The team manager had an ESEA shirt on.

  4. Ok so he is wearing a shirt with a ESEA logo on it, which appears int he second half of the video only for brief periods. ESEA itself is not mentioned and the merchandise he is wearing was obviously given or purchased.

    Let us say I decide to wear a shirt from a band, or even another PRODUCT that is sold for entertainment purposes. I end up making a video online…take pictures of me wearing these things and now am banned from say wearing Hanes underwear, or going to that bands concert because I drank “underage” while in these products. It is nothing but a bs tactic by ESEA to inflict authority outside of their power/realm. Did they pay for the hotel rooms? I HIGHLY doubt it, hell they didn’t even pay for the kids entry fees to the LAN event. The deal is there is something called the law, which ESEA is not a part of and never will be, they deal with matters that involve “illegal” activities and so forth. Gamers are gamers, 90% of them are ages 24 or younger if most demographics are correct, this is a period in everyones lives where they attempt to enjoy it most before they get real jobs out of college, have kids and NEED to uphold everyday responsibilities. They play the game for fun first, then play it competitively second because they happen to be good at it. However wants to argue that point go ahead, nothing you say or do is gonna change the fact that this country w has something called checks and balances, inncoent until proven guilty theory in a court of law? If I put on a job application where it asks if I have any PRIOR convictions I certainly need not mention I am pending the results of a murder trial which I am the defendant because that is how the world works.

    Take it or leave it, ESEA just digging their own grave when they keep wrongfully banning players/teams from an online league due to OUTSIDE issues they deem politically incorrect. Fascism is a good definition for what seems to work well for them there.

    • The beauty is that we are all allowed to call people out on things :)

      • I am not second guessing you or yelling, granted the ESEA logo was visible for a mere 10seconds throughout a 19min video, any person outside of the gaming world probably wont recognize it or even know it was there without looking really close. – All I gotta say about that, if you get banned there, its for a REAL reason

        • you also realize that when they originally posted the video, in the title, it had the words ” ESEA ” clearly stated. how is that saying esea was only visible for a mere 10 seconds of a 19 minute video when the video was entitled “behind the scenes at ESEA lan.” or whatever the wording was? lol.

  5. You are over thinking this U_T. The simple fact is that no matter what these kids do in their free time while at the lan it reflects back to ESEA. ESEA didn’t do room checks to make sure there wasn’t partying. They all knew there was partying. They don’t want that shit to be public knowledge. They are not gonna let this be seen by a very large youtube audience and not punish the kids in some way shape or form. It reflects back on them negativity to the hotels then rent them areas to host lans at. Also if i am looking to sponsor a lan i am not going to sponsor one who has been openly known to have underage drinking at.

    The biggest mistake of this video is that there is a video. End of story.

  6. The biggest mistake is any sponsor, sponsoring anyone of these kids thinking they are helping their business.

    Bottom line is if these super nerds want to do this, then they need to do it anonymously.

    Then again all ESEA does is BAN people for no reason. Someone will get banned at some point and they will get sued probably

    • ESEA does indeed ban people for no reason because I am one of those people and justice will be sought sooner or later, but you can’t sue them because they banned you.

  7. What happened to them does suck but they did deserve it. They where drinking underage and at an ESEA Lan, and even though ESEA was or was not mentioned or their logo was in the video or not they where there representing their sponsors as well as ESEA. Doing anything illegal has consequences and some more severe then others but thats life and it sucks to be the first example. But ESEA has to set the tone for the next upcoming teams because they are liable for them and their actions.

    I guarantee they all had to read the terms and service before joining ESEA and sign some sort of code of conduct before they where able to participate in the league/Lan tournament… Sucks to see it happen but everyone should learn from this and realize ESEA is not some push over company.

  8. Lol Im proly gna DDOS esea for doin that shit

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