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Cyber Revolution cut 4shot

Rumors have been swirling around lately since Cyber Revolution cut 4shot for Flashstep. On the ESEA forums, people have been hinting that the player switch was either because Lloyd thought that 4shot was not holding his weight (pun intended) or because he was a fat kid that didn't listen.

The real reason that Shaffer cut 4shot was because 4shot called Shaffer out for being a wash up and a terrible player after weeks of arguing amongst the team and their league record reflects it. The team stands with a 3/3 record. 4shot had enough of Lloyd talking down to the team and himself. Right after their match against 3dmax, things deteriorated fast and hours upon hours of screaming and bullshit ensued.

This isn't the first time that 4shot was cut. On the way back from DSrack #3, Blight.EVERKI was at an all time moral low. As the team was boarding the flight, lan giraffe told 4shot that he was a "fat fuck and was cut, pz lata kid". Shortly after that the team disbanded.

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  1. Should feel happy that he got cut from the Invite team. There wont be any Invite matches being played next season.


  2. Definitely not going to be an invite season after this one for CSS, I mean cause CS:GO is coming out…

    I think you forgot about the past of CS and eSports, 1.6 and CZ are still both still played.

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