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Someone is mad; Has ESEA been bad?

We received a message from an anonymous source that contained a link to a declaration of intentions. The hacker(s) are upset about the corruption of ESEA admins and threaten to take action in order to rid ESEA of its cancer.

Update [Nov. 22]: We received yet another link to a video message.

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  1. I highly doubt anything will happen.

  2. Real hackers don’t make threats. They just act …. :-)

    • Because you so much?

      Take for instance the US hackers. They told Iran to dismantle the nuclear weapons projects or the US would take it into their owns hands. Within a month, they had launched an attack on Iran through a computer virus, corrupting the data of over 80,000 Iran government computers.

      Yeah real hackers just act…

  3. Look out guys, we have ourselves a bad ass over here.

  4. Thats the dumbest thing ever

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