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Free 5-slot Mumble servers from

NationVoice has finally entered the Mumble market. They are stirring up the Mumble scene by offering free lifetime Mumble servers. Check out the official press release. announces its grand opening. myMumble, a subsidiary of voice communications industry leader NationVoice Communications, is the new and upcoming provider of Mumble voice servers.

Mumble is a voice chat software that enables groups of users to talk to one another similar to programs like Skype, Ventrilo, and TeamSpeak. Mumble was designed to run on any operating system and be a low latency voice communication solution particularly for online gamers, but can be used by anyone to chat in real-time over the Internet.

myMumble offers locations around the world including: San Jose, Seattle, Salt Lake City, Chicago, Washington D.C., London, Paris, Frankfurt, Singapore, and Tokyo.

In addition, myMumble services come standard with features gamers have come to expect in a VoIP provider including instant account activation, a Mumble server status tool, custom server host names and around the clock live customer support.

Check all this out at, where you can order one of their Mumble servers or sign up for an industry first Free 5 User Lifetime Account with no payment required, ever.

About NationVoice LLC:
Founded in 2003, NationVoice has been a worldwide leader in voice communication services for almost a decade. Gamers of all types have come to trust the highly skilled and knowledgeable staff at NationVoice when it comes to gaining a competitive edge over the rest. Go to to learn more.

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