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About is a social experiment. It is a community blog about competitive gaming in North America. The idea is to post exciting stuff like leaks, busts, rants, rage, predictions, and just standard coverage that's juiced up with a little attitude. We make gaming coverage entertaining. It makes some people mad and others just laugh. We are the TMZ of competitive gaming.

Check out what industry leaders are saying about NerdBuster.

"I think what your doing is fun, creative and really is sparking some drama in the community. Any spark is a good spark. It is hard to make interesting stories out of a game that has been played for as many years as Counter-Strike: Source. You and your team are really pulling it off."

Matt Pietkevich
Business Development Officer
Battle Empire

"I personally am a fan of your website, as I am an avid gamer, and nothing would make me happier than to have our CEO featured in an interview on one of the best gaming news websites in the market today. "

Harrison "Flashpoint" Gold
Marketing & Development Director
Imperium Gaming League

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