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Leetway will become a platform for pugs, scrims, and ladder matches used to provide free scrim servers from various different providers. It has not been doing that for almost a year, but now it is being reformed and re-released as something completely different. Leetway recently published a "beta signup" page on the main website and today there appear to be 5079 people signed up already.

The official Leetway statement on what it will become is a little vague, so we took it upon ourselves to figure out what was really going on. Leetway will no longer be a free server resource. It will become a complete "match-making platform" where gamers will be able to play pugs, scrims, and ranked ladder matches.

"Leetway is a Counter-Strike: Global Offensive match-making platform for Pugs, Scrims, and Ranked Ladder Matches. Gamers play with their teams or with random players in ranked games hosted on official servers ..." - Leetway Beta Website

An anonymous source was brave enough to leak some screenshots of the beta website to us. Feast your eyes on the material that we were able to round up...

Leaked Screenshot of Leetway Beta Website


CS:GO Interviews: HeatoN & Chet Faliszek

In case you have been living under a rock and have not yet heard about the next CS, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, check out the official trailer below. Once you've been "de-noobified," continue with the next videos and listen to what the legendary CS 1.6 champ, HeatoN, has to say about the game... followed by interviews with Valve's writer Chet Faliszek.

Check out what HeatoN has to say about Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.


CS: GO Gameplay Footage & Comments from Ralf Reichert, a top dog at ESL in Europe

Fragster interviewed one of the top dogs, Ralf "Griff" Reichert, behind ESL (#1 league in Europe). Griff was one of the select few who were invited to Valve's headquarters in Washington to test and give his thoughts on CS: GO. Griff is optimistic about the new title and speculates that it will bring good things to competitive gaming. He speculates that this may finally be what unites the CS 1.6 and Source communities.

"It has newer, nicer graphics, newer technologies, better spectator facilities ... all this is incredibly important, particularly for us as an organizer eSports. It will also be successful on the console, significantly increasing the potential audience again" - Griff

"It's not a completely new game, it's very, created very close to the two previous titles. but it has left me with a very complete impression. It just felt very genuine and good, both in terms of graphics and the vote. In these details is so often the crux of the game provider." - Griff

"As an organizer eSports, it is absolutely in our interest to see the two communities together. Since we can contribute to a part and we will try" - Griff

Many people in the North American competitive community are skeptical about the success of CS: GO. People are saying that it will be too COD-like and be "lame" because things will supposedly be "dumbed down" to make the game playable on consoles, but if we trust Griff's judgement as a gamer of nearly two decades, we might just be getting a kick ass title from Valve. From the looks of things, CS: GO will in fact NOT be the Condition Zero of Source.

Feast your eyes upon some more Counter-Strike: Global Offensive footage.


CS: Global Offensive Gameplay Trailer

We might have gotten hyped up over nothing. After seeing the CS:GO gameplay trailer, it looks like a Call of Duty that will be cool for two weeks and then die off. Since the game is mainly being built for consoles, we can assume that the physics, controls, and recoil will be dumbed down so that console kids will be able to hit something with their thumbsticks. Don't hold your breath for awesomeness...