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Customer of Alloutservers? You may be getting screwed! went down on August 26, 2011. The "company" did not make any sort of press release nor notify clients and/or partners that they were folding up shop. It has been weeks and nobody has heard any word of anyone getting even a partial refund. If you had paid in advance, you're really getting shafted for your money.

These guys were in business for about two years, but they never did have the greatest reputation as a game server provider. They had a small hard-core following, but Alloutservers was never a serious competitor to bigger operations like Nuclearfallout and End of Reality... not to even mention

Alloutservers is a perfect example of what happens when a group of young nerds get together and decide to "start a business." Unfortunately, here in the US, anyone can start a business and they don't even have to file any paperwork. Any chump can start a sole-proprietorship and go about fooling suckers to giving up their money. Don't get gamed!

Are you raged? Start sending angry customer rage mail to the following email addresses:

  • [email protected]
  • [email protected]

You can also try your luck by visiting the Alloutservers steam group page. You can try to hunt down the sucker, Jason Murray, who owned Alloutservers. For legal reasons we can't publish his assumed address and phone number, but you can find them by viewing the whois record for the company domain name over at DomainTools.


ESEA is challenging the community by planning to host a $100,000 LAN Event in 2012

In case some of the noobs haven't heard, ESEA is planning to host a $100,000 LAN tournament next summer. The LAN will be a celebration of reaching 20,000 premium members. ESEA has revamped their referral and signup systems to make it easier for existing users to refer new ones and get points for doing so. Those who refer the most new users to ESEA that sign up for premium will be eligible to win cool prizes.

You can read more about the announcement on the ESEA website. Also, lpkane knows that he is a dick and won't be changing his ways anytime soon.

"esea would die if i suddenly became cuddly" - lpkane


Does ESEA not care?

Many ESEA subscribers have come to ask themselves, "Does ESEA not care?" When dealing with ESEA's support and especially ban related inquiries, most come to be baffled at the arrogance of the staff or simply get ignored. Granted a lot of ban inquiries for example are from kids who cheated and try to pull the "my brother got on my account" excuse, but that does not excuse ESEA from properly handling requests from paying customers.

Case Study

Kevin (-Bruce) was playing in a pug with a ESEA-Invite kid(maxkap) who roster rides for Fighting Irish. He was destroying kids like normal and then left half way through the match, if you watch the demo, someone claims that bruce is cheating and at the last round where before bruce leaves he gets pz'd when he's rushing B and the kid that killed him said "He's deffinantly not cheating, he didn't even see me coming." After he leaves the match the ESEA-Invite kid says "lol ragequit" Anyway the day after the pug bruce is banned without warning. It states on his ESEA page that he's banned untill Feburary of 2012 for "Ban Evasion."

Bruce goes on to e-mail one of the ESEA admins (presumably BIGG) and asks them why he's banned for Ban Evasion. They tell Kevin that "You where banned because your other account "l0s" has been banned previously for cheating/ban evasion." Kevin is stuck completely confused because he is not L0s at all. L0s happens to be one of the team-mates on his Cevo-Main roster who was banned from ESEA a while ago for Cheating and Ban Evasion.

Carlos AKA L0s

There are several match videos from CEVO that ESEA could have easily requested to verify that L0s and Bruce (Kevin) are not the same person. Bruce also requested that ESEA look at their IP's, the places where they live, and pull up previous demos of L0s talking in game and Bruce talking in game and they would obviously realise that they are not the same people. That was about 4 days ago and since the first e-mail Bruce still hasn't heard anything back from the notorious BiGG. Bruce has been DENIED from a service that he is paying for, for almost a week now and is becoming quite frusterated. = Kevin AKA Bruce- = Carlos

These guys are not the same person. It doesn't take an FBI investigator to figure that one out. They have two completely different team histories and have clearly been playing for a while.

Carlos has been playing since 2006 with STEAM_0:0:293810.
Kevin has been playing since 2008 with STEAM_0:0:66828.

End of Case Study.

See the earlier Nerd Buster post titled "ESEA’s customer service representative calls a paying customer an impatient douche" for a poll about what people think about ESEA's customer service.


CS: Global Offensive Gameplay Trailer

We might have gotten hyped up over nothing. After seeing the CS:GO gameplay trailer, it looks like a Call of Duty that will be cool for two weeks and then die off. Since the game is mainly being built for consoles, we can assume that the physics, controls, and recoil will be dumbed down so that console kids will be able to hit something with their thumbsticks. Don't hold your breath for awesomeness...


A new version of CS is coming! Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

The rumors have been floating around for a while now, but it has now been confirmed by Valve that a new version of Counter-Strike is in deed on the way. Rumors started floating around when Valve flew several American and European players to their headquarters recently to play-test the new game. ESEA's Torbul has also been working closely with Valve to make this thing happen. Good job buddy, CS needs this!

ESEA's Craig Levine at Valve headquarters

The goal of CS: GO is not only to target the existing competitive communities but to bring in a huge amount of new players as well as unite the CS 1.6 and Source communities. They are planning to achieve this by releasing the game on multiple different platforms including PS3, XBOX 360, PC, and MAC. CS: GO has the potential to make North American competitive gaming move in the right direction... one step closer to mainstream!

Are you getting excited yet?

"Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS: GO) will expand upon the team-based action gameplay that it pioneered when it was launched 12 years ago.

CS: GO features new maps, characters, and weapons and delivers updated versions of the classic CS content (de_dust, etc.). In addition, CS: GO will introduce new gameplay modes, matchmaking, leader boards, and more." - Valve

Read more about the game on the official Steam page.


Leetway is back in business

The Leetway server service has been restored. The website was moved to another host and some inner workings of it were revamped. The amount of servers has decreased to only five because some flaky hosts either went out of business or the servers stopped working, but the team looks forward to introducing more servers from new providers soon. Currently the only available game servers are from End of Reality, which has stood rock solid since the start of Leetway's operations. A ton of Ventrilo servers are also available, courtesy of Nation Voice.


CEVO website is being nuked by hackers

Gaming leagues have been getting DDoS'ed since forever, but recently the hacker k3u has made headlines on multiple occasions. He tormented ESEA for weeks, but the word on the street is that he recently made a deal with ESEA to stop the attacks.

Today the  CEVO website went down around the time that the first matches of the night were supposed to be played. That means that the CMN is down and nobody can connect to the client to play their matches. Make no mistake, the website isn't down for no reason, a hacker is nuking it. Anyone with a match tonight can forget about it and kick back with a beer and watch as a hacker hiding behind a LCD monitor goes at it, trying to make their mark in the world.

CEVO|Celone commented some time ago regarding the ESEA DDoS attacks saying that CEVO has been getting DDoS'ed a lot in the past but that nobody ever made a big deal about it. Now that CAL is dead and CEVO and ESEA are the last ones left, it will probably become a bigger deal because everyone is focusing on these two organizations.

Nerd Buster suspects that k3u is behind this attack against CEVO.

Hackers gonna hack.


Zooming in on k3u; he is suspected of being the man behind the DDoS attacks

Who is this k3u guy?

k3u has been confirmed to have claimed all responsibility for the recent DDoS attacks. An anonymous source has also submitted material and links that shine some more light on who this guy might be. Nerd Buster has not been able to establish contact with k3u directly to get an official statement.

Earlier we posted some information about k3u, read up on it in our article titled "ESEA servers crash, matches are ruined, and not even the ESEA website is spared!"

The new information that we have received proves the following.

  • k3u is signed up on ESEA as Michael Hung
  • k3u is using his confirmed (and VAC banned) Steam ID for his ESEA account
  • k3u writes his ESEA handle "ShN" with the same capitalization that he does for his old alias "SkN" as displayed on his proof

The following ESEA accounts are also suspected of being connected to him in one way or another.

These may be his alternate accounts and/or accounts of his associates. We have reason to believe that k3u is not working alone on the DDoS attacks.


ESEA servers crash, matches are ruined, and not even the ESEA website is spared!

The DDoS attacks that have plagued CS: Source over the last two weeks have now expanded in to CS 1.6 as well. People are upset with ESEA and it may not be long until players start demanding their money back. Today all of the ESEA servers crashed around 8:30 PM, ruining tonight's matches. The ESEA forums are flooded with complaints. The ESEA website has not been spared from attacks either. Tonight there have been several different XSS attacks that have disabled several different pages and some that have caused the HTML code to be printed out as text.

NerdBuster suspects that despite Mika having abandoned his TMER organization, the members have continued their mission to undo ESEA. These guys clearly hate ESEA with a passion. They are committing some very serious crimes with these acts of online terrorism. The suspected leader of this mysterious group calls himself k3u.

What do we "know" about k3u?

  • He is suspected of residing in Europe (anonymous source)
  • He mainly plays Garry's Mod (anonymous source)
  • His Steam ID is STEAM_0:0:3228595
  • He is VAC banned
  • He has played CEVO-Main and XPL-Open
  • His assumed name is "Shun Cheng" (probably not legit)

The real question is, what has ESEA done to him that has motivated him to ruin North American competitive gaming?

For those of you that have not been paying attention to the recent events, there are two theories regarding the start of these DDoS attacks.

  1. Shahzam raged Mika with his rant ("NerdBuster article and forum comments about Mika fuel a powerful response from an upset reader!") to the point that Mika flipped and vowed to destroy all of competitive gaming by packeting the players and servers to the point where people just stop playing.
  2. The attacks were started by someone random (we suspect k3u) and Mika was actually telling the truth in the letter he sent NerdBuster, "Mika at odds with TMER’s leadership; disbanding TMER"

Which ever the case may be, the people behind these attacks and there are some serious nerds trying to conquer the virtual worlds by bringing down the kingdom of North American competitive gaming (ESEA). At this point, it is safe to say that shit is indeed hitting the fan.

ESEA is not doing a very good job at damage control. There have been no announcements regarding the situation that seems to be escalating. Players are getting upset for being kept in the dark and if this continues, the raged mob will be so big that no amount of admins will be able to nuke all the forum threads. This simply has to be bad for business. Here is some food for thought, how about that Battle Empire then?

Esea has made the following comment on the DDoS situation.

Since so many people have been outspoken about being "kept in the dark" regarding the recent attacks on ESEA servers and website, I figured I'd give you all a little insight.

We know what's happening, when it happens.
We're looking into ways to resolve all recent problems.
We're attempting to resolve the larger problem in ways we see fit.

In short, we can't really tell you what we're doing, that would be counter-productive, but rest assured we're working hard to fix the problem.


EG.n0thing models as an army man!



Jordan "n0thing" Gilbert, 20, lives in San Diego and in addition to being a professional Counter-Strike 1.6 player, he is also a model. He plays for Evil Geniuses. He was recently banned from ESEA. For more details, check out the Nerd Buster post titled, "EG.n0thing banned from ESEA"

Check out some of his latest work on the right.

Some people in the community are claiming that the guy looks gay. What do you think?

Does n0thing look gay?

View Results

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Why are there not more girl gamers?


The reason is nerds. Even if more girls tried out competitive gaming, they would probably turn back within a day or two. The reason is that the kids on forums, irc, and in-game absolutely can not keep it in their pants. These socially deprived nerds go bonkers the moment they realize that a girl is among them. Their joysticks get hard and they start missing shots. A girl gamer, devout, put up a picture of herself on her ESEA profile and the following responses explain part of the reason for the lack of girl gamers...

1:42 PM - zash: DIME
1:42 PM - zash: FUCKING
1:42 PM - zash: PEICE
1:42 PM - es: OH
1:42 PM - es: MY
1:42 PM - es: GOD
1:42 PM - es: CAMMY
1:42 PM - es: KILLIN EM
1:42 PM - zash: ROFL
1:42 PM - zash: GOD DAMN

Devout plays CS 1.6 in ESEA-Main for The Face.


Lurppis’ girl friend probably left him, but Power Gaming beat Shifty 2:0

Power Gaming absolutely crushed Shifty in two maps to take home the win with a strong 2-0 score. HeatoN would not be proud of the Swedes' performance tonight. These guys just got wrecked, first on de_nuke 16 to 5 and then on de_dust2 16 to 3.


Lurppis parted ways with Evil Geniuses and moved back to Finland, where he now played his first match with his new team, Power Gaming. It isn't perfectly clear why he parted ways with EG. The word on the street is that it was because lurppis had moved to Oregon, further away from EG. The team probably saw that as a sign of him starting to fade away.

We suspect that Lurrpis moved to Oregon for a girl, perhaps the Asian chick that he was spotted with in Dallas at the Arbalet Cup. Things must've not worked out since now he moved back to Finland... or did he really move across the planet for a video game? Either way, the guy is a nerd... no wonder the girl left him. The relationship must've been like: cs, cs, cs, cs, cs, cs, asian, cs, cs, asian, asian, cs, cs, cs, cs, cs, cs, cs, "I'm leaving you," cs, cs, cs, cs, cs, cs, "Power Gaming, can I join?"


Oh snap, ESEA and #SourceScrim better watch out!

A new website that promises to revolutionize competitive gaming is on its way. is a website that essentially does what any scrim channel does on irc but it is more organized, keeps records, and makes the process easier for idiots to understand. Supposedly it will feature a server plugin as well.

The beta website is located at

Click to enlarge!

The website itself does not do a very good job of selling the idea. The homepage does not explain what the website is or what it does. I hope they hire a marketing consultant before they leak information about this website to the public... OH WAIT, it just leaked... Good Game.

The guys behind WhoFrags are tackling a pretty tough crowd with a brand new idea. Do they really think they can convert the entire competitive scene to this system? That is what it would take to make this project a success.


ESEA-Torbull calls a paying customer an idiot!

An unsatisfied customer posted on the ESEA forums that he was unhappy with the amount of cheaters and the level of counter measures being taken against them. He then continued to complain about low server quality and stated that all ESEA cares about is money.

"You guys dont even know how many cheaters play in esea all you care about is money.. it's a joke, thanks for wasting my money and getting my hopes up that i would be able to play this game with out cheaters.. and for your information you guys don't even have one admin on at night time which makes it easy for them.. have a nice freaking day.. PS: for all the money you guys are making atleast have 1000 fps server lol but again you guys dont care about anything except money!!!!" - geZzy

ESEA-Torbull was prompt to shoot back an official response calling the guy an idiot.

"Not to be too harsh, but you sound like an idiot. I think we have a really effective anti-cheat system but it is a big game of cat and mouse..." - Torbull

"... Either way, feel free to cancel your service if you aren't happy with the quality of service you're getting." - Torbull

ESEA-lpkane shared his proud remarks about Torbull's comments.

"torbull calling the customer an idiot and telling them to cancel.. after all these years, i'm so proud i could cry" - lpkane

Granted geZzy's comments were pretty much a forum rage, but the official response from ESEA does not exactly put out a very welcoming or professional message. With CEVO being ESEA's only real competitor in North America, ESEA can pretty much do what ever considering that the players have no other place to go if they want to keep on playing competitively. Is it time for a new contender to rise up to the challenge?


The worst CS 1.6 team in ESEA-Main, Season 8

Aim My Ass

The team with the absolute worst score (0-6) in ESEA-Main is actually Rich Uncle Pennybags, but that team died a while back so they have forfeit losses. The actual worst team that is still alive and playing matches is Aim My Ass. They will absolutely not make it to the playoffs because right now they stand low with a solid score of 0 and 4. One would assume that the team will fall apart within a week or two but their national pride might keep them together for a little while... until they get upset, download skills, and get banned.

All but one of the players on the team sport the Peru flag in their profiles and have Spanish-sounding names. Adam, the outlier, claims to be from Southampton, England. The rest of the guys do seem to live in the western United States.

I don't know what Adam has in common with these guys except soccer, a silly accent, and the fact that they are horrible at Counter-Strike. Maybe he is their English tutor?

I can't believe that these guys have made it to ESEA-Main. For some good laughs, go watch their next match against PiV on Feb 16, 9:00 pm