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Battle Empire released their new website; new features, events, and games are being added!

Battle Empire has been laying low and their community seems to have been pretty quiet lately, but they have not stopped on working on new features. Today they announced their new beta website. In addition to a new website design, they have announced two new leagues that will be added soon, HoN and WoW. Their team is also working on finishing an events system. The system is set to launch with a $2,000 prize pot for CS: Source. The events will be separate from the leagues. The events are just additional fun that players can sign up for...


CAL fails some more

Everyone knows that CAL was bought out by some investment company. A while back they re-launched it with a shitty blog and a couple competitions for Heroes of Newerth. Now they have failed some more and the website is broken with a 403 Forbidden page. It is pretty much safe to assume that it is dead... again.

Will CAL ever come back? (for real)

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The equally shitty CPL blog site is still up. Apparently they try to keep up with some competitive gaming coverage...