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Blackfoger has been caught in dirty dealings, again.

The following "paper" is written by Simon (co-owner of V8 eSports) and published on NerdBuster without anonymity. It is an account of his relationship with Blight's founder, James "Blackfoger" Larsen and their recent merger endeavor.

Firsthand Account:

James Larsen

About a month ago, my partner talked to me about the opportunity to be absorbed by Blight Gaming. I was running V8 eSports with him and we had a top League of Legends team that went to Intel Extreme Masters in New York and IGN Pro League in Atlantic City, New Jersey. They were a new team and got knocked out but still made $2000 in prize money, just for showing. Anyways, back to the story about Blight. Knowing James "Blackfogger" Larsen's past history in the eSports community I informed my partner that this would turn out to be a very bad deal for us, but that if he really wanted to, we could try and see if it works out. The deal was that we would let blight use our website, and fogger would pay me an amount of money that I would then put into getting some more coding done for the website. Also fogger had to pay for name changes for the LoL team. (We also were told that Steel Series and Thermaltake were sponsoring Blight, which we later found out he actually had no sponsors, which I had figured the entire time.) Fogger agreed, and we started the merge. I told fogger that I needed the money the coming week, and that the money wasn't for me to just make money off him, it was for trust, and in turn I would spend that money right back into the organization. Well that weekend that I had expected my money, I never got it, fogger gave me an excuse saying he had just paid $500 for some sc2 players hotel room. He never gave me a name of which player , or any info about this "sc2 player." Me and my partner continued to ask when we would get the money, and fogger kept saying soon, soon. The next week roles by and I'm thinking I'm for sure getting the money, but I didn't.

Finally, the week after that I received the money that was promised. This was after I told fogger that we were ending the partnership and we were taking everything that we had website, partnership with own3d, enuzi clothing, and our LoL team. I was upset and so was my partner and we told him that he was bullshit and that he just lies and he would keep changing his stories and switching things up that he had just said earlier. For instance, we were supposed to be getting contracts, well he said he had a "lawyer" working on contracts, and we told him why would you get a lawyer to write contracts when the amount of money you owe us is way way less than what a lawyer charges. I told him that it just doesn't make sense. So we basically told him we were out. Me and my partner had a change of heart and decided, give him one last shot a ultimatum. I told him I wanted my money in 2 hours otherwise we were gone. I went to bed and woke up and had received the money. It did come past the 2 hours, but he paid so I figured ok we're fine now. Well it turns out that it wasn't fine at all. A day later I get a messages from foggers partner zack, telling me the truth about Blight Gaming. That it was just a scam and that fogger just tried getting admins to join the org in order to put money into it. Later, Me and my partner asked fogger what happened to zack, and foggers response was, "he's taking a break for a while," which was complete bullshit, because I knew what happened to him, I had just talked to him. Every single story he told us, we found holes to, and when we brought them up, he tried changing the subject, or making it seem like we were just looking for holes and that it was our fault. We asked him about the other stuff that was promised like headsets for the LoL team, and our contracts. He told us that the headsets should be sent soon, when a day before he said they were sent. Then he finally sent the contracts, and after looking at it, me and my partner just lol'ed because there were straight taken from Google and he didn't even bother to make them look semi legit, the date was wrong. We said that he was lieing and that he never got a lawyer to do them, because it was ripped off Google. He tried changing stories and shit but we knew.

Also once he sent those contracts I saw that he had mentioned a LLC. The name of that LLC was Hilda James LLC. So I figured seeing as business info is public domain, I would do a search in the State of Washington's Database. I searched Hilda James LLC and there was 1 result in the system. The business was registered to the address fogger lived at, except the business was in his parents' names Rich and Sue Larsen. I search Blight LLC and Blight Gaming LLC and nothing showed up. So then I knew he was trying to say his business was registered when really all he had was a website and trying to say that it was a company under a company. He said that the business was Blight LLC, but that's not even a registered business in the State of Washington. So then I knew that he is just some loser that still lives with his parents at the age of 23. When I brought this up he said the company was made in his dads name because he was not of age. I said and the name you decided to come up with was Hilda James? I know that, the address of his parents house is also his, because I was given access to his Go daddy account so I could fix the website, and I saw the address he had there, it was the same one. Some other fishy shit he told us when we first met was that he was 23 and retired, I asked him from what and he said ecommerce. Which pretty much means that saying he's retired is a way to not have to say what he really is, which is either on welfare, disability, or both. Or if he's really a loser, he just lives with his parents and mooches off them. We asked him if he was on welfare or disability, he said I could be on disability, we were like wtf? He said yeah I have crohns disease and liver disease, idk but last time I checked those two arnt reasons to collect disability, so I believe he's just scamming the system. This is the short story, there was so much other bullshit, I have almost everything saved in convo's their actually quite hysterical, if anyone wants to read them, I'll probably make them public somewhere. Anyway, V8 eSports is completely separated from that idiot fogger and his illegitimate organization. He was worried about us slandering his name, I told him he already did that to himself. Everyone reading this probably already knows how bullshit he is, this should just solidify the fact that fogger is a cancer to eSports. Thankfully, all we wasted was our time, which sucks, but life goes on. And if fogger ever wants to partner/sponsor your team, seriously just tell him to go fuck himself.

As of November 25th, 2011, Fogger refunded the money that was sent as part of the agreement. The reason for the refund as stated from PayPal "PayPal received a notification from a user regarding unauthorized access to his PayPal account. As a result, one of the payments credited to your PayPal account has been placed in a temporary hold while we investigate the claim." So in other words he made it look like that money was wrongly sent to me, when in reality I have text messages coming from fogger's cell number saying the money was sent 3 minutes after the PayPal transaction took place. I tried explaining my evidence to PayPal but they claimed that text messages cannot be sent as evidence, and since it was payment owed and nothing was actually shipped, they sided with fogger. Ever since we left he has been blasting tweets to numerous organizations trying to talk to them about partnerships, because in reality, as of now he has nothing. He has no website and no teams, so he is desperate. The only reason for this long ass paper is to warn other people of falling in this losers trap.

Further proof of the problems that James has.

Anyways here is the link to the company, under his parents name. And this is not a infringement on anyone's rights, that information is made public for this specific reason, to see if a company is legit or not.