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ESEA is challenging the community by planning to host a $100,000 LAN Event in 2012

In case some of the noobs haven't heard, ESEA is planning to host a $100,000 LAN tournament next summer. The LAN will be a celebration of reaching 20,000 premium members. ESEA has revamped their referral and signup systems to make it easier for existing users to refer new ones and get points for doing so. Those who refer the most new users to ESEA that sign up for premium will be eligible to win cool prizes.

You can read more about the announcement on the ESEA website. Also, lpkane knows that he is a dick and won't be changing his ways anytime soon.

"esea would die if i suddenly became cuddly" - lpkane


The eMg gaming organization dissolves as a TF2 sponsor

It has been announced that the eMg gaming organization will no longer sponsor TF2 teams. Finally! It wasn't long ago that eMg shafted their CS: Source squad by not paying their mandatory sponsorship league fee to ESEA and then continued to keep players hostage on their team by invoking a contract that was written after the fact with some bullshit resembling a non-compete clause not allowing players to quit and swap teams mid season. CEVO ended up having to pay their fees in an effort to keep the scene alive. You can read up on Celone's comments on the matter in "CEVO|Celone comments on ESEA’s ridiculous league fee demands"

The TF2 community is better off without eMg fucking things up, hands down. At first some of you might think that "oh no! another sponsor gone..." but do not be saddened... eMg is a cancer and it just got chemo'd


Top 3 Gaming Communities

Interested in joining a decent gaming community and finding good servers to play in? Check out the Top 3 Gaming Communities. These gaming communities stand out from every other with a large amount of servers and community base that any n00b could feast their eyes on.



1. HellsGamers

A large community with great Council and Staff members monitoring the site and all servers. I give this community #1. With over 50 servers from Counter Strike: Source, Team Fortress 2, DoD and Gmod you will never be bored. The website has great support for any who want to be unbanned, banned requests, and just a general chat with community members. Also they have events which feature any of the above games. Servers also have 10 man scrims as well.

Also HellsGamers has their own CS:S ESEA Open team who is currently 10-4-0.



2. NoobGalore

Listed as #2 on the NB list. This communities servers are always full. Also was featured in PC's magazine in 2010 for Best Gaming Server (24/7 Office N00b Hideout).
Another big gaming community with people online pretty much 24/7. A fun feature about this community is that there are night where the Admin will do Battlegrounds. Good times.



3. EdgeGamers

Mature Gaming community. Lots of fun No AWP friendly servers and no cussing policy in all servers as well. This community gets #3. With a wide variety of games and servers such as WoW, TF2, Minecraft, console games, EVE, COD, etc. Edge Gamers has friendly members and had teams that were in previous leagues.


A Siren’s Call

Dangerous bird-women, portrayed as seductresses who lured nearby sailors with their enchanting music and voices to shipwreck on the rocky coast of their island.


Even in the this mondern era there are sirens still around that lure gamers into a wreck. Dr Christina a new sponsor emerged and started sponsoring 5 invite teams. Some thought she would be the savour of CSS, she just turned out to be a scammer with her own agenda of getting fame after a failed CSS career. Rumors started circulating that christina was broke as lines started to get blurred and more doubts were laid into the air about her finances.

One of her sponsored teams "the Experiment" had seven players paid at $20 a person thanks to christina. A week before their first match all seven players fee's were "not paid" randomly. The teams leader approached christina about the situation she sneaked out that ESEA had randomly returned her money and it was "stuck" in paypal and that it would be resolved with no issue shortly. A couple of days pass christina is not online on her regular steam account but her other one. She tells people that she is laying low for awhile because of all the Random hate thats being attracted. A week nearly goes by christina does nothing. The teams league fee's ended up being paid by Brad "pyourr" which was reimbursed by commfortress.

A month goes by and she decides to add blackfoger in hopes making a deal and getting back into the scene. Christina has now associated herself with a DDOS group calling themselves m4dpeople. Read more about Kalab Parker and m4dpeople in the Nerd Buster article titled, "Kalab Parker is a hacker and troll"

Not only has Christina now associated with a hacking/trolling group, she is actually in a relationship with the leader, Kalab Parker.


How Team Fortress 2 Revived CS: Source

On June 23rd 2011, Valve announced through Steam that Team Fortress 2 would be switching to a “free to play” platform. Gamers all over the world graciously accepted this change, happy that they could sit AFK in servers and craft hats all day. On the day of the switch June 24th steam simultaneously updated the TF2 page and discounted Counterstrike: Source 50% bringing the price down to $10. Seven days later the steam summer sale started, at which point CSS was discounted an additional 25% bringing the price to $5.

Below is raw data collected from Steam game statistics for the peak usage of Counter Strike: Source.

  • June 23rd - 26,122
  • June 24th - 36,836 *** (TF2 went free this day)
  • June 30th - 45,158
  • July 10th - 49,335
  • July 20th - 55,467

Between June 23rd and July 20th Counterstrike Source Peak usage increased 103%. We can only speculate that most of the users who bought CSS in that time period came to steam to play TF2, but the numbers and dates do not lie. For all those who have repeatedly spouted off about “source being dead” you have been challenged!


CEVO website is being nuked by hackers

Gaming leagues have been getting DDoS'ed since forever, but recently the hacker k3u has made headlines on multiple occasions. He tormented ESEA for weeks, but the word on the street is that he recently made a deal with ESEA to stop the attacks.

Today the  CEVO website went down around the time that the first matches of the night were supposed to be played. That means that the CMN is down and nobody can connect to the client to play their matches. Make no mistake, the website isn't down for no reason, a hacker is nuking it. Anyone with a match tonight can forget about it and kick back with a beer and watch as a hacker hiding behind a LCD monitor goes at it, trying to make their mark in the world.

CEVO|Celone commented some time ago regarding the ESEA DDoS attacks saying that CEVO has been getting DDoS'ed a lot in the past but that nobody ever made a big deal about it. Now that CAL is dead and CEVO and ESEA are the last ones left, it will probably become a bigger deal because everyone is focusing on these two organizations.

Nerd Buster suspects that k3u is behind this attack against CEVO.

Hackers gonna hack.


Tyler from Check-Six busted for stealing ESEA trophy; Torbul resolves the matter

Nerd Buster reported on the incident as soon as it went down, but we recently got our hands on the actual video from the hotel room where ESEA|Torbul comes in to settle the matter. The guys gang up on Tyler and make him nearly piss his pants.


Osama is dead but terrorism continues in the gaming community

Tyler has the perm

Osama's pupils dilated when he turned his gaze and saw US Special Forces moving in on his hide out. He then got shot in the head. BOOM HEADSHOT! Osama Bin Laden is one hell of a camper. It took the fiercest military force in the world nearly a decade to hunt him down and send him to the afterlife. While Osama is dead, ultra evil terrorism continues in the gaming community.

Last night at the ESEA LAN, Check-Six's tyler tried to steal the Team Fortress 2 trophy. He pretended to be the team captain and was given a room key. He snatched the trophy out of the hotel room and put it in his car and parked it in a different spot. The only reason that he got caught was that he didn't take off immediately. It was pouring rain and poor Tyler was too scared to drive in the dangerous conditions.

Tyler is known in the TF2 community as "horsefucker"