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Anger is hung like a horse!

Todd "Anger" Williams

Anger was caught taking pictures of him with his hand on his dick. Apparently he was "sexting pics to his e-bitches." This is proof to all the "open kids" that even the invite players are silly cuntaloons.

If there was a "biggest dick" competition for the invite division, this would be Anger's contestant submission.

You can only imagine what was going through Anger's head when he snapped this "oh so badass" picture of himself. His facial expression radiates superiority, determination, and purpose.

Team Dynamic is lucky to have such a boss within their ranks.

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Artur Minacov is persistent with his online career

Those of you who don't already know, Artur Minacov has been around the gaming community for quite a few years. He has been trying to run game server companies for who knows how long. All of his attempts at building a GSP business have seemed to fail and cause people to get shafted in the process. You can read more about his past dealings in a previous NerdBuster post.

Artur Minacov

Since Artur's EnvisionHost business failed and was shut down, he moved on to develop Deposit Servers. Deposit Servers has also collapsed recently and the website has been removed; however, you can still search the internet for various references to Deposit Servers. Artur has been leaving a very distinct trail of himself on the internet over the past few years.

After Deposit Servers, Artur tried to change his strategy and instead of building yet another company, he joined FragNet and "worked" for them. That lasted a whole three days according to some sources. That escapade probably won't make it on to his LinkedIn profile for future reference.

Today Artur is yet again hard at work building a new GSP company called GSP Resell. Considering this champion's track record, it may be wise to stay away from businesses associated with him. There are enough people that have been shafted for their money when Artur's businesses shut down... in fact, there may be enough people to form some type of support group.

This is a friendly warning and update to the community. Stay cautious nerds!

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Top 3 Gaming Communities

Interested in joining a decent gaming community and finding good servers to play in? Check out the Top 3 Gaming Communities. These gaming communities stand out from every other with a large amount of servers and community base that any n00b could feast their eyes on.



1. HellsGamers

A large community with great Council and Staff members monitoring the site and all servers. I give this community #1. With over 50 servers from Counter Strike: Source, Team Fortress 2, DoD and Gmod you will never be bored. The website has great support for any who want to be unbanned, banned requests, and just a general chat with community members. Also they have events which feature any of the above games. Servers also have 10 man scrims as well.

Also HellsGamers has their own CS:S ESEA Open team who is currently 10-4-0.



2. NoobGalore

Listed as #2 on the NB list. This communities servers are always full. Also was featured in PC's magazine in 2010 for Best Gaming Server (24/7 Office N00b Hideout).
Another big gaming community with people online pretty much 24/7. A fun feature about this community is that there are night where the Admin will do Battlegrounds. Good times.



3. EdgeGamers

Mature Gaming community. Lots of fun No AWP friendly servers and no cussing policy in all servers as well. This community gets #3. With a wide variety of games and servers such as WoW, TF2, Minecraft, console games, EVE, COD, etc. Edge Gamers has friendly members and had teams that were in previous leagues.


Pis7ol from the CGS Mexico City Furia a Fake.

Many people know Diego "Pis7ol" Rodriguez from a CS: Source team called inRAGe and from the CGS franchise, Mexico City Furia. Recently Nerd Buster received an anonymous tip saying that a Canadian had bought Pis7ol's steam account. We sent out our the nerd detectives to investigate and we found out who bought the steam account and what steam account the real Pis7ol now uses.

Diego "Pis7ol" Rodriguez

  • The impostor's name is Leon Flores Forcier
  • His known aliases are  LeoNzk1, GRK, Caballero, LeoN, LeoNONFIRE
  • He lives in Montreal, Canada
  • He cheats off client
  • He paid 300 USD for Pis7ols 6 digit (0:1:213153), with the intent of fooling the source community into making them believe that he is the real Pis7ol.
  • Associated Steam account ID's:
    • 0:1:213153 (current)
    • 0:1:82419
    • 0:1:384976
    • 0:0:3395
    • 0:0:264243
    • 0:1:997830
  • Fun facts:
    • Bisexual
    • Lost over 70 lb's
    • mika dick rider
    • met Pis7ol thru Chris "mika" Prescott
    • Born in Peru
    • Speaks English, Spanish and French all with an accent
  • He tells people he is Pis7ol and went to the CGS and also rocks Pis7ol CAL and CEVO experience on his steam page wall

For any of you who may be interested in contacting the real Pis7ol, his real steam account is STEAM_0:1:6901561

Leon "?????" Flores

Leon Flores Forcier is an impostor who says who bought Pis7ol's steam account and tries to fool people saying that he is the real Pis7ol.


Mika ESEA banned for Evasion


Mika made a forum account to ask why Torbull and BIGG where not banning k3u. He got his answer! They manually banned him for ban evading! Mika chose the alias Adrian "Jamil" Rodriguez . K3u is ofcourse still not banned and still rocking his free ESEA owner issued premium.


  • ESEA rewards hackers with Life Time Premium.
  • If you want immunity from being banned, acquire a botnet.
  • BiGG is a Fa**ot!
  • K3u will probably never be banned from ESEA due to fears of  repercussions.
  • K3u has ESEA by a leash.


Canolelover Hacking on ESEA Client!

Number One

If you're someone or aspire to be somebody in the source community you know who Mika is. Mike " Canolelover" Sola, the ex Mika Gaming team pet and dick rider is rumored to be cheating on esea. He started bypassing the ESEA client right after Mika was banned from ESEA. According to a secret source, he was given very exlusive hacks of which there are only three copies. How does a Mika dick rider go from a shitty adr to a consistent 102 average ADR? ESEA claims to have a very good anti cheat, clearly they dont. FAIL!!! Lets play a game ESEA. Can you guess who this user is? Shouldn't he be banned for five years? I guess detecting someone ban evade isn't that important. THIS USER

Conclusion: 3 People are bypassing the ESEA client with the same hack. With one also ban evading a five year ban.
Number One Number Two Find the 3rd.
What will ESEA do? That we'll have to wait and see.