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Top 3 Gaming Communities

Interested in joining a decent gaming community and finding good servers to play in? Check out the Top 3 Gaming Communities. These gaming communities stand out from every other with a large amount of servers and community base that any n00b could feast their eyes on.



1. HellsGamers

A large community with great Council and Staff members monitoring the site and all servers. I give this community #1. With over 50 servers from Counter Strike: Source, Team Fortress 2, DoD and Gmod you will never be bored. The website has great support for any who want to be unbanned, banned requests, and just a general chat with community members. Also they have events which feature any of the above games. Servers also have 10 man scrims as well.

Also HellsGamers has their own CS:S ESEA Open team who is currently 10-4-0.



2. NoobGalore

Listed as #2 on the NB list. This communities servers are always full. Also was featured in PC's magazine in 2010 for Best Gaming Server (24/7 Office N00b Hideout).
Another big gaming community with people online pretty much 24/7. A fun feature about this community is that there are night where the Admin will do Battlegrounds. Good times.



3. EdgeGamers

Mature Gaming community. Lots of fun No AWP friendly servers and no cussing policy in all servers as well. This community gets #3. With a wide variety of games and servers such as WoW, TF2, Minecraft, console games, EVE, COD, etc. Edge Gamers has friendly members and had teams that were in previous leagues.


Battle Empire released their new website; new features, events, and games are being added!

Battle Empire has been laying low and their community seems to have been pretty quiet lately, but they have not stopped on working on new features. Today they announced their new beta website. In addition to a new website design, they have announced two new leagues that will be added soon, HoN and WoW. Their team is also working on finishing an events system. The system is set to launch with a $2,000 prize pot for CS: Source. The events will be separate from the leagues. The events are just additional fun that players can sign up for...