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Everyday Law Encyclopedia: Internet Regulation

If you are concerned about your privacy or information regarding you being posted on this website, please send a complaint letter via email to [email protected]

  • NerdBuster does not condone illegal activity
  • NerdBuster is an entertainment outlet
  • Content on NerdBuster is provided without any implied degree of accuracy
  • Content on NerdBuster is user-submitted
  • Content on NerdBuster is classified as gossip

Please remember to take the content on NerdBuster for what it is, entertainment. It is meant to crack a few smiles. NerdBuster collects content from the community in an effort to build a source of information that describes the collective mind set and interests of the competitive gaming community. This is a social experiment.

While we generally attempt to confirm the authenticity and accuracy of user submitted content, many posts are still pure gossip and need to be understood as such.

Life is drama. Drama is NerdBuster.

Cest la vie.

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  1. Such is life.

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