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Imperium Gaming League – Black Ops & CSS

Yet another league has popped up, Imperium Gaming League! This new league has already launched their Black Ops season and the sign ups for CSS Season 1 started yesterday. It is free2play, but they have a pay2play feature planned for the future.

Check out the following quick facts about the CSS Division.

  • Standard 5 vs 5
  • 800 Starting Cash
  • MR15 round set
  • 10 weeks (Including 2 pre season)
  • 1 open division
  • Top 16 advance to playoffs
  • Pro (pay to play) introduced in Season 2
  • IGL Anti Cheat v1.0

The IGL website is not eye candy, but if their service is able to deliver, then who cares. We tried to contact the founder, Darryl "Absolute" Allen, for a quick interview but we could not reach him.

What do we know about Absolute?

  • He lives in Kitchener, Ontario, Canada
  • He does not have any proof on his Steam ID (STEAM_0:0:262470)
  • He was born on June 4, 1986 - making him 24


Set’s response to today’s haters and a glimpse in to competitive gaming through a girl’s eyes

Hollyanne Setola

Hollyanne "set" Setola attended OG Lan in Chino, California today. She was called fat and ugly by some nerds and was pulled in to an argument that turned in to a shit storm, shout fest. The couple of dweebs that started the real life trolling were pr3rawr from Lion Crew and mouzis from Blight.

Mouzis was incapable of "leaving it on the field," so when he got home, he posted a hate thread about Hollyanne on the ESEA forums. Hollyanne had told people at the LAN that she was a model, so Mouzis called her fat, ugly, and attempted to discredit Hollyanne's modeling achievements.

Nerd Buster did the math on Hollyanne's body mass index and it turns out that she is actually not obese for her size and falls right in the 50th percentile, landing her among the average weights. She stands tall at 6 feet, weighing only 165 lbs. This is assuming that the information on her profile is accurate.

Nerd Buster got in touch with Hollyanne and asked her to tell us her side of the story.