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Interview with k3u; He reveals Mika’s connection to the DDoS attacks!

According to k3u, Mika was the master mind and k3u was the tool. k3u is the suspected man behind the recent DDoS attacks. Read the following posts to learn about this fa***t.

Nerd Buster made contact with k3u and was able to extract the following information out of him.

1. Why did you start DDoS'ing people?
At first I did it for all fun and games until the power got stronger and stronger. When I say fun and games I mean I used to it to shoutcasts and such. Lanchamp was targeted once not sure if anyone would remember that. As my career went on offers were made to me to do things like ddos companies, servers, people. The price was good so I said "Ok, sure let's do it".

2. What would make you stop the attacks?
Money. If someone offered me a good amount of money to stop completely then yeah I would do it. But as for right now to make me stop would be if DNA sucked my cock.

3. Will the attacks carry out to Battle Empire?
Probably just for the lulz.

4. Has ESEA contacted you about the DDoS attacks?
No, they have not just because this is mainly Mika's fault. Yes, all I did was follow him as a mentor and just did what I was told.

5. Are you working with Mika now or have you done so in the past?
At this exact moment noone can know for sure what happened to Mika. But recently he blocked me from his friendslist because I asked for something small in return of taking out his requested servers (estimation on requested servers ESEA + non-ESEA about 25 - 30 servers)

6. Why the fuck did you attack Nerd Buster?
DNA invaded my privacy by posting my steam community page but I was expecting 100+ friend requests though noone followed out :(

According to k3u, Mika is the person who called for all the attacks against ESEA and the players, but k3u admits to being the hacker behind the DDoS attacks! Now it makes sense why Mika has gone in to hiding, "Chris “Mika” Prescott has disappeared!"

By saying, "all I did was follow him as a mentor and just did what I was told," k3u pretty much says he is a Mika dick rider... If anyone knows who this guy really is, please contact Nerd Buster or ESEA. It's time for the bullshit to stop.


Zooming in on k3u; he is suspected of being the man behind the DDoS attacks

Who is this k3u guy?

k3u has been confirmed to have claimed all responsibility for the recent DDoS attacks. An anonymous source has also submitted material and links that shine some more light on who this guy might be. Nerd Buster has not been able to establish contact with k3u directly to get an official statement.

Earlier we posted some information about k3u, read up on it in our article titled "ESEA servers crash, matches are ruined, and not even the ESEA website is spared!"

The new information that we have received proves the following.

  • k3u is signed up on ESEA as Michael Hung
  • k3u is using his confirmed (and VAC banned) Steam ID for his ESEA account
  • k3u writes his ESEA handle "ShN" with the same capitalization that he does for his old alias "SkN" as displayed on his proof

The following ESEA accounts are also suspected of being connected to him in one way or another.

These may be his alternate accounts and/or accounts of his associates. We have reason to believe that k3u is not working alone on the DDoS attacks.